Captain Ron Johnson of the Missouri Highway Patrol was appointed by  Missouri Democrat Governor Jay Nixon to bring a “kinder, gentler” policing to Ferguson on Thursday.

On Thursday, Johnson ordered all SWAT teams disbanded and riot gear stowed away.  He marched with protesters and hugged thugs.  In short, it was the liberal utopia of “hug-a-thug” soft-on-crime philosophy.

They brought in free water for protesters and porta-potties for the protesters to pee in peace.  They agreed to allow the protesters to protest all night long if they wished on the sidewalks.

Things were semi-calm Thursday, but last night, it was complete anarchy after the local protesters went home.  Black thugs and hoodlums from out of town proceeded to loot scores of businesses.  In a half-dozen cases, they burned down businesses.

Some of the businesses were looted for a second time since the outbreak of the violence!

Most troubling are multiple reports of police being ordered to stand down and not intervene or make arrests.

Business owners called the police and were given the run-around.  One business owner said Capt. Johnson called him and said there were officers in front of his store and “everything was under control” while the owner was watching people carry cases of liquor out of the front.

Early this morning, after the worst of things died down, he went to his store and he brought his guns and his friends with guns.  “There ain’t no police,” the man said while holding a rifle.

This morning, good Samaritans were out helping business owners clean up from the overnight mayhem.

If the legitimate authorities are going to turn a blind eye to rampant criminal predatory violence, it’s up to local residents to take up arms to defend their homes, business and property from violence and looting.

Three words will solve this crisis that has gone on for almost a week:

Looters will be Shot on sight

Whether it will be up to local business owners to protect their livelihoods or a more unified approach from police, it’s time to quit playing nice and letting these savage hoodlums trash the entire community of Ferguson, ruining it for the locals.

It’s time to restore order.

It’s time to shoot looters on sight.

For more coverage of the ugliness from last night – easily the worst mass-looting and rioting our nation has seen since the LA riots after the Rodney King verdict, if not longer, go to The Gateway Pundit.  Also Fox2 has a series of good clips.

14 thoughts on “HUG A THUG FAIL: It’s time to shoot looters on sight”
    1. It’s about time we, Americans, started standing up for ourselves, Our friends, and our neighbors. To the looters, come watch the buckshot come out of the barrel of my shotgun.

  1. They should’ve posted that notice of shooting looters the first night and followed thru. This wouldn’t have gotten so out of hand.

    1. They wouldn’t have had to post any signs. Just standing there visibly armed would do the job.

    2. I think they are already doing that. I watched John’s link last night and many of the cops were carrying ARs. Not exactly what I expected for crowd control.

    3. Yeah, but they only had 30-round magazines. They needed to have 100-round magazines to really eliminate a lot of the a-holes who were out there.

  2. The robbery that Brown committed just before the shooting is being called shop lifting by his defenders, they’ll most likely call these looters shop lifters as well.

    1. It started out as larceny. It became robbery when physical force was used against the clerk.

  3. Look! He’s holding TWO of those assault weapons the judge said were unusual and dangerous and the no one buys for self defense.

  4. I vote for police to start shooting looters, too.

    Protesters can protest pretty much with a minimum of interference.

    I’d even let them protest in the street so long as they didn’t start throwing crap and causing problems.

    But once they get disorderly, they get gas.

    Those who loot get shot on sight.

    That would put the brakes on this pretty damn fast.


  5. Wait for the police to protect you or your property and you are doomed! They enforce the law, they DO NOT protect the individual.

    IF I had a business there, it would already have been “shoot on sight” from day one. My family and I would have been in front “locked and loaded” and if they had wanted to loot my business, they would have had to climb over the dead bastards in front of them. Ten-rounds-a-second would take out about 75 of the low-life POS’s BEFORE thy got to the door. LOVE the 2nd Amendment! Our “Founders” knew what they were doing when they made it the ‘Second’.

  6. Take note that the woman on his left has a roll of paper towel. That’s for the looters to wipe their a^^es with when he starts pulling the trigger on his “self protection”.

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