Champaign, IL has seen another uptick in black violence this summer.  The entire community is concerned about the senseless, Chicago-style violence – and especially African-Americans, as one might expect.

Following the mid-day murder of a man back in late July, and the man’s funeral turning into an impassioned plea to stop the violence, the predatory violence continued.

On Sunday, August 10th, Champaign’s Douglass Park was the site of a “Saving Our Community: Making a Stand” rally against violence.  Over 100 people turned out.

Twelve hours later, young thugs shot up nearby homes.

Good intentions don’t do a darn thing stop criminal violence.

Just as an Order of Protection isn’t bulletproof, neither is a good intention.

Taking a meaningful stand against violent criminals does.

First and foremost, a willingness to cooperate with police working to solve the crime is mandatory and critical.  Identifying evil-doers and not covering for them or making excuses for them must be the norm.

Secondly, an ability to defend and protect your home against those who would do you harm – be it for cooperating with police (“snitches get stitches” needs to be replaced with “thugs get slugs”), or just random criminal attack.

A firearm makes the elderly, infirm or the fairer sex equals with the biggest, baddest thugs out there.

Colt firearms own website cites the old expression, “Abe Lincoln may have freed all men, but Sam Colt made them equal.”

Thirdly, thanks in part to #2 above, a resolve never to be intimidated through a threat of unlawful use of force against you.

Until and unless the entire community gets on-board with that plan (including the black “community”), then this senseless violence will continue.

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