Did Michael Brown just want some cigars to make his marijuana blunts, but he didn’t think he needed to pay for them. When the clerk confronted him, you can see what happened.  The “witness” who accused the cop of shooting down Brown for no reason at all?  He’s the accomplice in this strong-armed robbery.  Sorry Al Sharpton and crew, your narrative just bit the dust.


UPDATE:  And for comparison purposes, the Michael Brown that we all know is Michael Brown:

Michael Brown’s virtue took a big hit today as Ferguson, MO police released additional information.

First off, the officer involved was a six-year veteran.  His name is out there, but we don’t feel a need to reprint it.  His family is undoubtedly been moved for their own safety.  Hopefully a SWAT team is inside ready to arrest anyone who tries to shoot up the officer’s residence.

The next piece of the puzzle is a police report implicating Michael Brown as the suspect in a strong-arm robbery of a convenience store minutes before he was stopped by a police officer.

And there’s more:

Turns out suspect Michael Brown might well have been nothing more than a street thug living the thug lifestyle, not the guy who was going to grow up and cure cancer after college.

Oh yeah, and there’s photos going around showing him flashing gang signs too.

21 thoughts on “THUG LIFE: Meet Michael Brown from Ferguson”
  1. Once again GSL is the first to report the facts as lame stream media hides. can’t wait to see these photos on CNN ( commie news network ), yeah right.

  2. From reports that I heard, he was confronted by the officer for walking on the street, and shot at after talking back to the officer. What is beyond doubt is the fact that he was shot while fleeing, unarmed. This would result in an arrest for any shooter who is not an agent of government. I’m sure we’re all familiar with use of force, the officer may have been justified shooting while engaged in a struggle, but once Brown, who was unarmed, fled, the officer shooting him was in no way justified.

    1. No Omer it isn’t clear, because it is NOT TRUE! Why do you babble nonsense like that when you don’t know? Because it makes you sound smart? Or are you just another little dbag propagandist?

  3. Why not post the picture of him pointing that PISTOL?
    You know, the one where he has his purple drank materials on the table?

    Unarmed? Uh huh. That picture PROVES that dogma a myth.

  4. Why do you racists keep posting pictures of this poor black fellow in connection with this story?


    1. Why, yes, it’s racist! Any criticism whatsoever of the gentle protesters, of Al Sharpton, is also racist! In fact, if you do not accept the media story, you are a racist! If you have not already made up your mind that Brown was an innocent child, you’re a racist! If you don’t feel tremendous white guilt and recognize the need to pay reparations forever, then you’re a racist, Racist, RACIST!!!

  5. Flipping off a camera is a “gang sign”? The other picture could be, but doesn’t really look like one either. Black person + hand gesture != gang sign.

    1. Right, it’s probably some Boy Scout gesture he’s doing wrong. a guy that strong arm robs a place would never be in a gang.

  6. With little info at this time The only way I can see this shooting taking place is that wilson -thought- brown was armed and after the little altercation the police officer my have have considered brown a threat and fired on him ??

  7. So this guy just robbed a convenience store he stole cigars threatened the owner. Then going down the street a cop stops him. He pushed the cop in the car then he thought he could get away with all this shit and started to walk away ??? Then he was shot at by the cop ??? What gang signs were his hands signaling or maybe he just had some muddle spasams in his hands from working so hard——– looks to me like oh well the truth will prevale. !!!!!

  8. Oh yea Douglas there is no such thing as a LITTLE altercation with the police any altercation. Is a Big deal !!!

  9. He got what he deserved,end of story. I feel bad for the parents if they didnt know the angle that he wasnt.

  10. A beauty salon was broke into sat night by rioters and stole all the hair extensions valued at $15 to 20 also mo chapter of the KKK is doing a fundraiser to collect $ 50,000 to give to officer Darren Wilson as a reward — true !!

  11. a black guy and a parrot walks into a bar, parrot is sitting on the black guys sholder and the bartender says “thats neet where did you get that”, the parrot says africa -they are all over the place.. now thats funny..

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