1.  a person who betrays his or her own country by aiding an invading enemy, often serving later in a puppet government; fifth columnist.
Origin:  1940; after Vidkun Quisling (1887-1945), pro-Nazi Norwegian leader

You might be a little miffed if you found out a gun or ammo company was donating serious money to virulently anti-gun politicians’ re-election campaigns, right?

Of course, companies have every right to donate to whomever they want, so too we have the right to spend our money with whomever we want.  And the makers of “Ted Nugent Ammo” probably aren’t going to be on that list after you find out they donated $7,500 to N.Y. Governor Cuomo’s campaign fund.


ALBANY (NY Daily News)— National pro-gun groups have largely holstered their checkbooks since the passage of Gov. Cuomo’s tough gun control law early last year.

…Surprisingly, the biggest donation, $7,500 from Buffalo-based bullet maker Pierce Munitions, went to Cuomo in June of last year — six months after the gun law passed.

A little further digging found that their check, (numbered 1594 for those keeping track) “ANDREW CUOMO 2014, INC.”

Here’s a picture of the company’s founder:

Andy Wright left a career as an ad executive to open Pierce Munitions LLC.
Jim Courtney/BizJournal

Pierce Munitions took to Facebook shortly after this story went to press and they began getting angry pushback from gun owners – especially gun owners in New York State.

Regarding the June, 2013 donation to Governor Cuomo:

The donation was given in support of the Buffalo Billion pledge that Governor Cuomo made for Western New York. Because our area has been traditionally depressed economically, this has brought on a building renaissance in Buffalo. As a small, start up company in the Buffalo region, we support other entrepreneurs and initiatives that grow our region, helping to employ our friends and family.

So they sold out their gun owner customers for a government handout?

Sounds like Andy Wright should have kept his career as an ad executive, because once word of his (edit: company’s) penchant for donating to the enemy gets out, business is going to be slow.


(Edit 2:  Andy Wright says he doesn’t own the company.  See the follow up story.)

15 thoughts on “QUISLINGS: Ted Nugent ammo maker donates to Cuomo post-SAFE Act”
  1. These clowns are worried about the angry pushback from NY gun owners.

    Imagine the angry pushback Ted Nugent is going to give them. This could cost Nugent his seat on the NRA Board.

  2. What the eff is wrong with Ted Nugent?

    He should drive a stake through the heart of whatever contract he has with this clowns and find himself a new producer, like yesterday.

    As for this company: Thanks for the info. I’ll be sure to avoid their product should I ever encounter it in the future.

    Pierce Munitions traitors.

    Committing that to memory.


  3. Ted needs to publicly demand that nobody buys anything from these traitors and to let his picture and name be the reminder of which item to avoid.

  4. Ted may be contractually bound to them for now so I won’t expect much to happen quick. However I do thank you for the info. Haven’t seen this company yet but I’ll keep it filed away for someone else to spend their money on.

  5. Ive never even seen Ted Nugent ammunition on my dealer’s shelves so it certainly won’t be missed by me.

  6. I believe any right thinking american sportsman should be outraged at the duplicity of this manufacturer, who wants to have his cake and eat it too. Regardless of his motives, it is unwise for him to embrace Mr. Cuomo because he will soon be out of business thanks to Mr. Cuomo and his heavy handed ways.

  7. From Nugent’s Facebook page: (Anonymous poster) Mr Nugent I have been hearing information on you backing pierce ammunition and that same company supporting nys safe act by giving political donations to certain political leaders that directly support the safe act…. TELL ME IT AIN’T SO TED……
    Like · Reply · 1 · about an hour ago

    Ted Nugent: it aint so

    INVESTIGATOR TO NUGENT: I’m afraid it is, sir. New York State Board of Elections Financial Disclosure Reports show that Pierce Munitions donated $17,500.00 to “ANDREW CUOMO 2014, INC.”, which is Cuomo’s re-election campaign fund. The donations were made in June and December of 2013. Pierce also donated $2,500.00 to NYS Senator Tim Kennedy, from Buffalo, who is a Cuomo supporter and voted for the SAFE Act. In addition, there were other donations to other anti-gun politicians, including Ms. Lovely Warren, the anti-gun Mayor of Rochester, NY. All of this information is available on the State Board of Elections website. Pierce lied to several people here in Buffalo with a statement that it was a “pledge” for an economic development program. That is not true, the donations were made to Cuomo’s campaign fund and those of other anti-gunners. I am sure you had no knowledge of this. People all across New York State are very upset about this. At a time when thousands were chartering busses to Albany protests, taking time off of work, and our local firearms rights organization was having its treasury depleted, Pierce was giving Cuomo many thousands of dollars. This really needs to be investigated and addressed by you. There are individuals here who intend to file complaints with the NRA and have national publication of this action by Pierce in the firearms rights community. Please take some positive action on this situation. This is truthful and factual information and really needs to be addressed. Thank you. Nugent’s response was to delete the above posted information and state: Ted Nugent leftist media ploy to divide us. dont fall for it. Pierce made contribution to specific
    > community economic development & all those people are gone from
    > Pierce now. As if any1 could possibly think there is another
    > humanbeing who has fought longer or harder & sacrificed more than
    > myself for allthings 2A freeom. Some on our side are dumber than the
    > enemy. sad aint it.

  8. Yes, it is very sad….
    Welcome to crony capitalism, something used by both sides in the ongoing saga of the US…
    I will be passing it on at my gun blog on Biker or Not.com and Facebook and Twitter. This sucks and we all know it. I would imagine that Ted will be saying something in the near future about it. I will most assuredly be questioning him and his staff for answers to it. At least those I can get in touch with…

  9. Executive indeed…Never bought any of his ammo,never will. I’ll share this on Facebook.

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