Chicago: America’s gun control capital.
Gun control really works, doesn’t it?


Did you know that in 2012, Chicago, with all of its strict gun control – the arguably the harshest in the nation, had roughly 532 homicides (if you trust the numbers so readily “massaged” by Mayor Rahm the Ballerina’s hometown police leaders).

Meanwhile that same year, in Illinois’ second-largest city of Aurora, without all of that Chicago-style gun control, had exactly zero homicides.  Aurora is only about forty minutes west of the Windy City.

Gun control is people control.

Which brings us to Chicago’s July 2014 crime and murder stats that you didn’t read in the mainstream media.

While Chicago’s leaders were paying almost a million dollars in legal fees after losing another case defending their unconstitutional gun control schemes, Chicago’s hoodlums were busy.

42 people were shot and killed and another 280 were shot and wounded (thank you

Jesse Jackson and the monochrome coalition were both unavailable for comment, as was Moms Demand Action and the rest of Bloomberg’s flock of gun control groups, Gabby Giffords and her group, and the form leaders of big-gun control now has-been Brady Campaign to Ban Guns.

You may ask yourself, why aren’t these gun control groups up in arms demanding more gun control in Chicago?  Could it be because Chicago has all the things they want to impose upon the rest of us but these draconian laws are merely exacerbating the problem in Chicago, not solving it?

6 thoughts on “CHICAGO’S JULY CARNAGE: 43 homicides, 280 shot and wounded”
  1. I suppose none of those shot and killed were liberal socialists democrats, they are a percentage of entitlement people.

  2. This is terrible and a complete indictment of the Chicago Machine’s philosophy of control because we are too stupid to take care of ourselves.

    But, it’s gonna get a lot worse. Our government is allowing anyone to cross into our country. That includes cartel gang members, criminals, terrorists and people infected with diseases we haven’t seen in the USA for decades.

    Imagine the carnage when a cartel gang decides to take over some turf or take on one of our home-grown gangs.

  3. I assure you those shot were prolly all obama voters … with narrow few exceptions.

  4. Gun control is INNOCENT people control.
    Crime control is guilty people control.

    We need criminal people control with the caveat that simple exercise of rights cannot be a criminal action. Government that criminalizes simple exercise is itself criminal.

    As I said, we need criminal control.

  5. I Would love to see the total picture of crime in Chicago:
    stabbings, beatings, armed robberies, etc.
    Guns alone cannot be the total crime problem.
    A complete picture could focus attention to “crime” rather than “guns”.

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