A couple of days ago, Bloomberg’s Every Town for Gun Control group – the one he started with a cash infusion of $50 million – released a video that was supposed to doom pro-gun U.S. Senators from three states.

That or get them to eat more vegetables and less meat or something like that.  Or possibly support gun control.

The video wasn’t made by some po-dunk bunch of amateurs, although it looked as though it was.  It was made by a big dollar advertising agency that also handles Mastercard and Walmart advertising.

Bloomberg’s video (and we’ll even link to it we like it so much) met with universal acclaim – from the pro-gun side.

Even mainstream media people with anti-gun tendencies said the video made them want to buy a gun for self-defense.  (Three of four “The View” hosts, for instance:  “The ad is designed to make the viewer anti-gun, but three of the four hosts disagreed and thought the ad had had the opposite effect. They shared their experiences being afraid in their homes and wishing they were armed.”)

Well yesterday, someone took it upon themselves to tweak the video just a bit.

The person who tweaked the Bloomberg video?  He or she wasn’t even paid to put it together.

Yet it’s brilliant.

It was so brilliant that Every town filed a complaint and had it taken down from Youtube.

That’s okay.

We bring it to you from LiveLeak.

Originally from Coyote Trails‘ YouTube channel.


2 thoughts on “BETTER BLOOMBERG AD: Every town ad revamp attacked by Bloomberg, now posted at LiveLeak”
  1. I like it.

    It is not surprising that Bloomberg wanted this taken off YouTube.

    It’s a powerful pro-gun video now!


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