Another chance to become a Rifleman is coming next weekend to Central Illinois.

The McLean, IL Appleseed Rifle Marksmanship and Heritage Event will be held on private land, near McLean, IL, Saturday, August 9 and Sunday, August 10.

The instructors are volunteers, with extensive training and experience.

The atmosphere is friendly, instructional, and fun, not at all boot-camp like.

The price?  Impressively inexpensive.  $60 for two days; $20 for two days for those under 18.

For this shoot, we have donated .22 ammo available for those under 18, and .22 ammo available for purchase, at a very good price for those having trouble finding some.   (This ammo is to be used at the shoot, not purchased to add to your stash!)

All calibers are welcome.  (Well, almost; leave the .50 BMG at home.)

Iron sights or scope, we don’t care.  Run what ya brung, and we’ll make you a better shot with it.

Added bonus:  We’ll mix in stories of the first day of the Revolutionary War, and make you a better American just for learning a bit of your heritage.

You can learn more about the program at

If you have questions about this particular shoot, you can email me at

Here’s a picture from last year’s shoot at this location.  What a student-friendly, nice place to shoot!

A shaded firing line in a state-park like setting awaits you if you “pull the trigger” and come to the McLean Appleseed next weekend.