Yet another defensive gun use involving an Illinois concealed carry licensee occurred this past weekend at Route 83 and Cicero in Crestwood, IL, a Chicago suburb.

A carry permit holder told police he observed an armed robbery in progress inside an AT&T location (pictured above) and remained outside to prevent any other innocents from entering the store.

The card-carrying good guy, seeing a police officer heading towards the rear of the store, also saw the robber heading out the rear door of the business – gun in hand.  The licensed gun carrier pursued the robber and at some point engaged the bad guy with two rounds out of concern for the officer’s well-being.  Both shots missed.

Kudos to the CCW licensee for a willingness to risk his own safety to help save a police officer from death or great bodily harm.   We don’t recommend civilians go chasing after armed bad guys though, absent some extraordinary conditions!

Bad guy was arrested.  The card-carrying good guy?  He was released.

Of course, the Chicago Tribune had to paint the story in as negative light as possible.


Officer takes cover as man with concealed carry permit fires at suspect

Crestwood, IL (Chicago Tribune) – A man with a concealed carry permit shot at an armed robbery suspect who was running from a cell phone store in Crestwood, prompting an officer who was also chasing the suspect to take cover, police said.



The CCW holder?  An 86-year-old man!

With a pair that clank when he walks.


86-year-old won’t be charged in concealed carry shooting, prosecutors say

(Chicago Tribune) – Authorities have decided not to file charges against an 86-year-old Crestwood man who fired his legal weapon at an armed robbery suspect who was fleeing police, the Cook County state’s attorney’s office said today.

The man, whom authorities would not identify, is licensed to carry a concealed gun in public, officials said. Authorities described him as a “model citizen” in Crestwood, a village of 11,000 residents in south suburban Cook County.

…  Assistant State’s Attorney Dan Kirk said the Crestwood Police Department declined to file charges and the state’s attorney sees no reason to pursue it further.

“This is an 86-year-old law-abiding individual who comes across a forcible felony in progress … and helped others avoid being victims,” said Kirk.

The suspect, Demetrius Merrill, 17, of Chicago, was charged with armed robbery and held on $1 million bail.

19 thoughts on “86-year-old IL Concealed Carry Licensee shoots at armed robber to defend police officer UPDATED”
  1. Not to be a nattering nay-bob or anything like that, but what color is the bad guy/robber?

    Is he a GREEK? I don’t know any WHITE “Demetrius’es” myself.

    Or would he happen to be one of O’Blowme’s sons?



  2. Me, I hope when I turn 86 I’m as spry as this chap.

    Speaking of chap… Ken, your racial overtones are starting to chap my ass. Knock it off, will you?

    You’ve got every right to be prejudiced. But keep it to yourself when you’re commenting here. It’s neither welcome nor wanted.

    Email sent to John.


  3. I don’t believe there’s any “overtone” to my words, Sam.

    I think i said it straight out, and the mere fact that I ask the COLOR of the perp is NOT racist. If that is RACIST, then the o’blowme administration is right, EVERYTHING is racist.

    I just asked the color of the perp. Because, ya know, that’s PART OF THE STORY.

    Or, rather, it SHOULD BE, if we weren’t so caught up in P.C.’ness.

    And if it’s “racist” well, then, you can have it. Rub your own chaps, chappie!

    SO, John? Problem or no?

  4. John, I’m grievously wounded by Whittemore’s use of profanity in his posting.

    Pray, do tell……..what makes asking what color a perp is so much more offensive than the patent and glaring use of utter profanity, the use of which, in the good ol’ days (oh, when racism actually EXISTED!) would have gotten one’s mouth washed out with soap or his face slapped if pronounced in public?

    Up is down. Down is up. EVERYTHING is racist and RACISM trumps EVERYTHING nowadays.

    DOn’t be like all the other PC losers.

    BUt oh, the profanity! I’m wounded. I’m hurt. i’m aghast. I’m dithering……..

    1. It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it. moron. Are you really this dense or are you just a troll with nothing better to do. A bad guy is a bad guy. End of story. Doesn’t matter what race, creed, or religion. Your ignorance and bigotry is unfounded and, quite frankly, annoying and has no place on these boards.

    2. Ya know, even Jesse Jackson disagREES WITH YOU> Remember a couple of years ago when he said he’d cross the street himself if he saw two young b-l-a-c-k-s walking toward him on a dark night? Remember?

      SO, to typify, “they” are responsible for the overwhelming PERCENTAGE of crimes. It helps to know. I’m all about knowledge and education and it’s a lifelong venture.

      Now, instead of calling names (“moron” JOHN BOCH, is a slur based on physical disability – it’s in the DSM5, are you going to censor that?), why don’t you just open your mind?

      The color of the criminals will impact on our own safety protocols.

      Sorry, but you simply cannot just ignore the facts. The facts are, you’re more likely to be the victim of “the knockout game” by a young b-l-a-c-k feller coming down the sidewalk than a couple of white boy scouts.

      But the facts are clouded by your liberal hate, eh?

      By the way, I’m a Dr. and clearly not “ignorant,” but you like to call names; and I doubt you even know what “bigot” means.

      But my comment was censored cause JB is sensitive to losing ad dollars!


    3. Correlation does not signify causation. And, quite frankly, if you’re going to quote Jesse Jackson, you are denser than I had originally thought. I know people of all race, creed, and color that are great people; and conversely, I know people of all race, creed, and color that are terrible people. Like I said before, a bad guy is a bad guy regardless of race, creed or color, but you have to keep incessantly pulling out the race (or gender) card.

      I don’t know what kind of ‘doctor’ you are, but based on your comments in this thread and others, you ARE bigoted and you ARE a misogynist. (yes, I know what those two words mean – I am quite educated with a Masters degree in my field).

      And to add, your comment wasn’t censored because JB is ‘losing ad dollars.’ It was censored because it was ignorant.

    4. Frankly, when MY life is on the line, there’s no REAL difference between correlation and causation. That WAS Jesse Jackson’s point, if I’m not mistaken and, by the by, he’s black.

      But the facts ARE the facts. How many white people involved in the knockout game? Perps, that is? Why is that?

      Ask John Boch of the times he’s PULLED or thought of PULLING a piece on an aggressor, what were their colors? Hmm. Is he a racist cause they were NOT WHITE?

      HOw many WHITE people shot in Chicago over the last weekend? Two weekends? Why is the black race trying to ELIMINATE itself? Figures vary and it depends on whom you trust, but I do believe upwards of 60% of all black babies are just FLUSHED. WHY? No, really, for GOD’S sake, why?


      How many young black men in prison, as a % of population?


      Misogyny? Huh? ME? Hunny, I’m no misogynist! Hahah.

      But I do know when it’s raining and when someone’s dribbling on my leg and this “open and frank discussion on race” seems to have gone NOWHERE in the six years of the O’Blowme destructive reign.

      And he was supposed to solve all our racial tensions. He was the ONE. HE was the ONE we’ve been waiting for.

      Reflect your razor sharp analytical skills inward, hon; do you REALLY think the races are any closer to an understanding of one another NOW than we were BEFORE the immaculation?

      If you think my WORDS or spirit are RACIST, you need to re-examine yourself. I’m just stating FACTS. And, hunny, I have no idea where your notions on misogyny came from. But as long as we’re having the “discussion” on race, let’s CENSOR any words we’re just plain uncomfortable with! Like that EVIL “n-word” which is SOOOOOO EVILLLLLL that it shan’t be spaked!!! I’ve yet to figure that one out, LOOL!

      Just sayin’

      Dr. Ken

    5. Kens comments weren’t derogatory to ones race. We don’t need to be PC to the point of not even asking a question about race, color or creed.

      That said I want to know about the 86 year old man. If he was able to follow/chase down the bank robber I want to know what he’s taking or drinking.

    6. First off, I’m a male so you can stop calling me ‘hunny.’ And to add on top of that, how are you NOT perpetuating misogyny by calling me ‘hunny’ when you thought I was a female? (Yes, men can stand up against misogyny – or do they not do that in your Imaginationland?) You can insert your foot in your mouth now. Also, let me refresh your memory on your post from 28 July on the “Molon Labe” article:

      “Jennifer, you’re a chick. We forgive you. We know very few chicks can (a) MAKE the right choices and even fewer can (b) carry them out. Thankfully God gave us MEN to do these things.”

      Whatever, “Dr. Ken.” I’ve got better things to do with my time than argue semantics with you. Either way, you give us gun rights activists a bad name with all of your verbal diarrhea spewing out of the close-minded, bigoted attitudes.

      Good luck with whatever it is that you do.

  5. Here’s how you can tell his color: did the article go out of the way to mention he was white? No. So the correct answer is he was Other Than Caucasian. That’s how the media rolls. If it’s a white person they are sure to mention it. If it’s not, race isn’t brought up. Also, another interesting fact is that you can tell a conservative from a liberal based on their reaction to “racial overtones”. Since the subject has been breached, I would like to point out that one’s race has nothing to do with committing crimes. Rather, ones environment is the root cause for these crimes. Poor kids with a substandard education and/or a weak family support system often with only one parent or parents who just don’t care are the ones who often resort to a life of crime. This disproportionately occurs among the various races. To make matters worse, the music industry has capitalized off of this and makes money from artists who glorify the “thug life”.

    1. With all due respect, and it being your ballgame and everything, John, Pot, meet Kettle, Kettle, meet pot.

      ISn’t it YOUR words, above: ” With a pair that clank when he walks.?”

      As long as we’re cleaning up “ugly verbiage,” why don’t you point that razor sharp sharpie at our ownself?

      Censorship is an UGLIER thing than ANY WORDS I USED to describe this infestation that’s destroying America.

    2. With all due respect,Ken, I sure hope you aren’t an obgyn because you carry a lot of hatred and willing to rip a new one to everyone. If you’re sitting around all day stirring in your angry juices, why don’t you take five. Air out your panties and enjoy the sun. Lighten up! Besides, I know a few gentleman who “clank when they walk” and I respect the phrase and the clankers. You get ’em all together and they’d be happy to play “God Bless America!”

    3. No hatred, mom. Good guy with gun here.

      Just know your enemy. If you fail to recognize the threat, the threat will NOT fail to recognize you.

      I know the enemy. Do you?

  6. To point out that Otis was a black man?

    Please stop this knee jerk reaction that any conversation about race is inherently racist. You make Eric Holder a truth teller when you do that.

    I recall a woman shooting a kid in the butt for throwing a brick at get house. She wasn’t charged. She was black. And that was before the carry law!

    There is merit in discussing race here IF it is to track a disparity in charging and not charging. That is fair game and MUST be tracked and discussed!! Remember, the law is for all of us – EQUALLY!

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