Bruce Rauner, the billionaire who is a big question mark on guns, is up 14-points over Illinois’ bumbling Governor Patrick Quinn in a poll taken July 28th.

We say “good news, we think” because Bruce Rauner hasn’t reached out to any of the major gun groups in Illinois, nor has he completed and returned the NRA questionnaire sent to candidates, leaving his position largely unknown.  Rauner claims to have the “best huntin’ dog in Illinois”, but like Shania Twain says, “that don’t impress us much”.

Patrick Quinn, on the other hand, is a rabid ideologue viscerally opposed to any gun rights for Illinois residents.  He vetoed bad concealed carry bill last year, only because he didn’t think it went nearly far enough in terms of restrictive regulations.  Even anti-gun Democrats voted to over-ride that veto last year.

Also, for the record, I was one of those people called for this poll.  I’m glad I didn’t hang up.

It seemed to be slightly favoring Quinn as his name was always the first mentioned.

The Sun-Times has the story.

Gov. Pat Quinn is facing an increasingly uphill battle against Republican gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner, a new We Ask America poll shows.

Rauner is now sitting on a 14-point lead in the poll that was conducted July 28, which is up from his 10-point lead he had in a June poll. Rauner’s boost can be attributed to his economic plan, which includes a state income tax reduction. A poll showed while people don’t believe Illinois can afford this plan, a majority say it makes them more likely to vote for him.

11 thoughts on “GOOD NEWS, WE THINK: Rauner up 14-points over “Clueless” Quinn in IL Governor’s race”
  1. Jon why doesn’t Todd do a private off the record visit with Rauner?

    If Todd thinks Rauner is pro-gun or at least better the Quinn all that has to be done is to endorse Rauner 30/60 days before the election. Otherwise be silent

    1. Rauner’s got that invite.

      He hasn’t reached out to *anyone*, in any significant manner other than a quick line or two as he’s greeting people at a fundraiser or event, with regard to guns.


  2. I’m no fan of Rauner. He is a North shore liberal and a RHINO if I ever saw one. Remember, Bloomberg is a Republican. Having said that, I will probably end up reluctantly voting for Rauner.

    Saying that Rauner is better than Quinn is like saying that something is better than a sharp stick in the eye. The real question is how much better?

    1. None of us are a fan of Rauner.

      That’s why I think that come November, absent a defining moment for Rauner, enough conservatives are going to sit out going to the polls to hand Quinn another term.


    2. I hope that doesn’t happen. 4 more years of Quinn and this whole state will look like Detroit.

  3. Remember that Mr. Rauner was the only Republican on the primary ballot that did not show up to IGOLD. I was there and his absence spoke volumes.


  4. As much as I dislike Quinn, I think it may be better the devil you know, than the one you wonder about. I find his promoting himself as a “common man” instead of a extremely successful businessman from a humble beginning very worrisome, and that leads me to question his honesty about his hunting dog.
    All in all ,I find him a fraud and would rather vote for the enemy that I know

  5. We know that he is a democrat in republican clothing. His wife is one his friends like Rahm and Barrac are too, so he won’t commit his position on guns so what else is he HIDING ??? If he isn’t hiding something. Why won’t he tell us. I think if he gets in we are not gonna have a friend here. So whatever shall we do ???

  6. Chad Grimm from the Libertarian Party??
    “… end Illinois’ war on guns. It is every citizen’s right to defend themselves.”

  7. At least if Quinn is elected we get several things –
    Known quantity.
    DEMOCRATS get the blame and accountability they have earned both in terms of guns and economics.
    REPUBLICANS are sent a serious message that their waffling will NOT be rewarded – ever.

    Electing mark Kirk was a net loss – he stands with Durbin. Electing Rauner will be the same and worse. It’s time to stand on principal folks. Stop being taken for fools!

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