A woman profiled in Glock’s ad (above) versus a woman profiled in Bloomberg’s ad (below).

Which do you want to be, ladies?  Helpless, dependent upon others and pleading for your life in Bloomberg’s world, or confident and in control as a gun owner?

It’s your choice, Mr. and Mrs. America.


So, Michael Bloomberg has spent $50 million plus on his new gun control “group”.

It was billed by the mainstream media as the Goliath capable of slaying the NRA.

In reality, Bloomberg’s newest group has no members and the people they’ve hired have been a case study in ineptitude and incompetence.

Their most ambitious project until now?

They sent 2.5 million post cards to the D.C. city landfill, with a short stopover Congressional offices.

Now they have an amateur video set to run in three states soon that they think will doom pro-gun Republicans – or cower them into voting for simple-minded gun control.

It also smacks of a war on women, portraying them as helpless, dependent on good guys with guns.

Here it is.


Ask yourself, is that a persuasive video for gun control?

Doesn’t the scenario in this video make people want to revisit their earlier deliberations about buying a gun to defend their families from a home intruder, estranged relative or not?  You know, cut out the middleman and instead of calling 9-1-1 to get a good guy with a gun to show up, instead have your own?

For comparison, here’s an old Glock video.  Notice how well-produced the Glock ad is compared to Bloomberg’s.

To say nothing of the happier ending for the individual who has decided that she wouldn’t be an unarmed victim of violent crime.



11 thoughts on “BLOOMBERG FAILS AGAIN: Bloomberg’s latest ad fail; portrays women as weak and helpless”
  1. Nice job!

    I come back to GSL for the third time today and you’ve got more great stuff! I’m like the rat pressing the button for my next fix of Gun News!

    Great comparison between the two completely different ways gun companies treat women compared to gun control groups. One is empowering, the other paternalistic.


  2. Another sparkling example of Bloomberg’s incompetent media machine. As usual, they are simply reinforcing the pro 2A viewpoint. Put out an ad campaign with these two spots running back to back and I’m betting NRA would gain another 2-3 million members.

  3. Its a home invasion, and in 7 minutes much less then police response time in every area , 3 intruders have beaten you and tied you up as the man of the house, then they have raped your wife, your lovely young daughter, and have pretty much secured what they wish to take with them upon exit, who knows maybe they will take your wife or daughter lets hope not. Now my question how will you prevent this from happening or decreasing its happening to you and yours. Will you A. Plead with them B. Wait for an opportunity to call police C. fight them with your fist (they have guns and knives) d. answer the door armed with gun as any good husband and father would do and if need be shoot them E.. pray and hope for assistance. I know my choice, and I would like to think that a real man would chose the same, for all you gun control advocates I am at a loss to hear or understand yours. please advise.

  4. And the Bloomberg ad even throws in the Dad kidnapping his child from the POS Mom who probably started the divorce proceeding with an accusation of child molestation or some other dastardly deed to make her case for primary custody much easier.

    I really don’t think it portrays a home invasion with intent to kidnap a random child.

    1. Someone has issues! Maybe it was an abusive husband she left after he beat her? Then she got a order of protection which did nothing to stop him from killing her this time.

  5. What a great ad for a reason to buy a gun.
    Yup once again Bloomtard got it wrong.

  6. I think it’s also worth noting that for every man who beats his wife/girlfriend, there’s a woman who beats her husband/boyfriend.

    Domestic abuse flows both ways.


  7. I asked my 11 year old daughter what she thought of Bloomberg ad. She said,”She needs to have a gun.” See, not all girls are afraid of guns and all 3 of my girls know how to use ’em. Hopefully not, but if they ever have a POS like him in their lives, they will be ready and waiting.
    This ad clearly paints women as helpless and I hope Bloomberg’s female target audience can see the error.

    1. It sounds like your trying to do a good job raising your children I applaud that effort

  8. So, the moral of the first video is, if you want to be a vicim of gun crime, Dial 911 and Die. Wait. Isn’t there a book by that title? Is this a promo for it? 😉

    Clearly the lesson is: The bad guy may have a gun. If you want to even the playing field – get a gun for yourself.

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