Got ammo?

That’s a question you may be asking yourself at your local Wally World or neighborhood gun store here soon.

GSL president John Boch told members that ammunition supplies were expected to begin to dry up this fall because of a powder shortage.

Now we have President Obama adding his two Kenyan shillings to the mix.  He imposed sanctions banning importation of Russian-made firearms a couple of weeks ago.

Now, if he hasn’t already done it, he’s expected to add those sanctions to Russian-made ammo.

Wolf, Tula, Bear and others…

America’s ammunition supply has been tight for over two years now, and only recently has been easing up to some degree.

With the end of Russian ammo importations, look for ammo supplies to tighten considerably in the coming days and weeks.

J&G Sales has reportedly pulled ammo off their shelves in anticipation of price increases.  We’re also getting reports from dealers we know to all of this as well.

**If you’re considering an ammunition purchase, you had better buy it while you can if the price is remotely affordable.  Supplies and prices aren’t going to get any better any time soon!**

2 thoughts on “Obama’s sanctions expected on Russian ammo”
  1. This is some damn good advise. The day of the sanctions the supply of Russian ammo began to disappear. I checked a couple of big suppliers and some sizes of ammo were already gone.

  2. I went to Gander Mtn in Champaign yesterday to start picking up some ammo while the getting is good. They have a pretty good sale on ammo right now. 100 RD Winchester White Box 9 MM FMJ for $29.99 and I also picked up 150 rounds of American Eagle 5.56X45 64 Grain for $64.99.

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