Are you an Illinois Concealed Carry instructor looking for some advanced continuing education?

Are you an Illinois concealed carry licensee looking to build upon your existing training?

Are you just a training junkie looking to refine your skills to defend your family and self from violent attack?

TrainIllinois will be offering a two-day, high-intensity advanced handgun skills course geared towards concealed carry licensees using deadly force in an urban environment on July 12-13, 2014 in McLean, IL.  

There is currently room for three to five additional attendees.  Join some of Illinois’ best downstate firearms instructors to sharpen your skills.

Pre-requisites?  Prior formal training such as NRA Personal Protection in the Home,  NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home,  handgun training from any of the national schools, or GSL Defense Training’s Intermediate Personal Protection:  Training to Live and Win.

Tuition is just $300 for two days of high-quality, advanced pistol training.  You’ll need 700 rounds of ammo and all of the gear you would expect to need at a serious training school…  proper holster and belt, spare mags & pouches, etc.

To register, click here.  Or visit the TrainIllinois page here.

Course description from TrainIllinois:

Drawing on our experience working in dangerous environments we have tailored a two day course targeting the civilian concealed carrier. The entire course focuses on safely working from concealment and incorporates multiple unique modules for self-defense in densely-populated areas. This course will also include partial-immersion interaction with law enforcement during and post-shooting. Incorporating many techniques from PSD training, Tim will teach you how to effectively take care of yourself and those in your care. While Al will teach you how to interact with law enforcement and many skills police officers use to protect themselves. Julie will bring a much needed female perspective to carrying, she will be doing the hands on work with females figuring out how they can properly use their gear.

This course is held for 16 hours over 2 days and requires a minimum of 800 rounds (some students will elect to shoot more). Of the total 16 hours, more than 12 hours are run from concealment. This class is tailored to be shot by both the advanced shooter and the new carrier that possesses the necessary adherence to safety.

The Primary Instructors for this class are:

Timothy Giblin is a regional instructor, teaching in the Midwest from central Michigan to southern Illinois. He has been teaching first-time shooters and concealed carry students in downtown Detroit gun store ranges since before he joined the USMC in 2007. Through this experience, he learned firsthand how to manage amateur shooters and how to work with a wide variety of students.

He then worked as a private contractor, training security staff and bodyguards in Detroit. While doing personnel security work for multiple contracting companies, Tim lead teams of more than twelve armed guards in the worst parts of America’s most dangerous city. During his time in the security industry, he interacted with the Detroit Police department legally and without any notable conflict.

In 2007, Tim joined the United States Marine Corps as a machine gunner, and subsequently attended officer candidate school in 2008. While attending weeks of urban combat training at Camp Hunter Ligget, he decided to opt for a deployment in order to become an officer as a mustang with infantry combat experience.

While waiting for deployment, Tim began teaching carbine and close-quarter tactics courses for armed security guards and private investigators. He also created a “Michigan pistol” class designed to teach armed guards how to employ rifles that could be legally carried covertly due to Michigan’s unique carry laws.

In September 2010, he paid, out of his own pocket, for a plane ticket to join the 1st Battalion 23rd Marines out of Houston for a combat deployment, knowingly volunteering to go to Marjah, Afghanistan. He showed up unannounced, but because of his extensive personal security experience, Tim was placed on the battalion commander’s security detail. He spent the pre-mobilization training at Camp Pendleton, receiving training in personnel security detail skills with Marine Reconnaissance units, and also completed over 100 hours of Combat Lifesaver training. Upon landing in Afghanistan, his unit was disbanded and he became the sole escort for the chain of command when they left the wire. He was involved in multiple IED incidents and shootings, but also diffused several blue-on-blue incidents without firing a shot.

During his deployment, Tim was involved in a single-vehicle collision which left him medically disqualified for commissioning in the Marine Corps. During his recovery, he went through a period during which he was incapable of even walking up a staircase unassisted, and learned first-hand how important having a firearm is for people who are incapable of otherwise defending themselves. He was forced to employ his handgun in self-defense multiple times while living in Detroit, and successfully dealt with subsequent law enforcement interactions.

After his recovery, he went on to be a machine gun squad leader for eighteen months.  Upon checking out of the USMC in 2013, Tim began teaching carry courses at Southern Illinois University Carbondale.  He has accumulated over 3000 instruction hours of teaching civilians self-defense-related courses and has teaching certifications and insurance from the NRA (Pistol, Personal Protection Inside the Home, RSO/CRSO), numerous MDFI low-light course certifications, US Navy CLS certification, and other certifications.


For those seeking low-light shooting, TrainIllinois is offering a similar class August 2/3 with a low-light shooting component at Chillicothe Sportsmen’s Club near Chillicothe, IL.  More details here.