There’s stupid and there’s a special kind of stupid.

Just this March, at Keith’s Superstore, a Lumberton, Mississippi Chevron station and convenience store, a concealed carry licensee walked into the store as the attendant/manager was being repeatedly stabbed by an armed robber.  This was at 10:00 a.m. – not oh dark hundred hours!

The card-carrying good guy pulled his gun and the bad guy – having never had it explained to him that way – ceased his attack and behaved himself until the local constabulary could arrive to cart him off to the hoosegow.

The Keith’s Superstore employee recovered from a half-dozen stab wounds – very lucky to be alive.

Well, in recent days, the owners of Keith’s Superstore (could it be Keith himself?) have posted two very prominent “NO GUNS” signs on the doors.

You can’t fix stupid. Keith’s Superstore now sports “no guns” signs after a concealed carry licensee interrupted an armed robbery and stabbing in progress at the store… before these new signs were put up in recent days.  Photo courtesy Buzzpo.

It would seem the half-wit morons who own the store think a big sign is going to keep bad guys away.

In reality, they steer good guys like the one who saved their employee’s life from entering the store.

There’s no fixing stupid in some people.

11 thoughts on “FEEBLE-MINDED: Gas station where attendant saved from knife attack robbery posts “NO GUNS””
  1. A better sign would be , a handgun in a red circle and a statement under the symbol,

    1. If Barry had twins, Fiddledee would be the armed robber. Fiddledumb would be Keith himself in all his stupid glory displaying the intelligence he inherited from his Dad.

  2. Could it be that “Keith” had rather his employee be dead to minimize his workman’s comp medical costs? Doesn’t want any CCW customer to help protect him?

    Yep, stupid.

  3. No guns no knives. No baseball bats no 2 by 4s If someone has it in his mind to commit a crime he can use whatever is handy to him

  4. These store owners should be sued by the good guy with the gun for causing him or her to be in fear of their lives! store owners have a duty to protect customers and employees from violence or fear of violence! the violence part has already been proved! but only sue the owners after a massive boycott then pick it up cheap!
    This store owner should pay any and all fees for the good guy because of time lost, filling out paper work, causing undue stress! possibly PTSD,

  5. I wonder what the employee is thinking about the No guns sign in the door after a gun ower saved his life.
    If I was the employee that was stabbed I would sue the owner of the store for putting me at risk

  6. Maybe the owner set up the attack so he could collect insurance for all losses? Just a thought. Since this owner is intelligence challenged, fraud wouldn’t be too hard for his little brain to comprehend. Now he is pissed because his criminal act was thwarted. Or, maybe this guy is just that stupid and I am over thinking this. Everyone there should boycott his business. Then when he is forced off the land by the bank, someone can open a gun store there! Now that would be poetic justice!

  7. I guess this worthless dope would have preferred his employee dying instead.

  8. Actually, that is not a factual account of what actually happened.
    The perp had already committed the attack and was fleeing the scene before he encountered the man with the carry permit. So he didn’t save her life. The guy with the carry permit used his pick-up truck to pursue the perp to a nearby apartment building. And since the victim knew the perp, he would have been apprehended shortly thereafter regardless.

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