It’s a good day in America.

New Jersey’s Chris Christie, clearly wishing to maintain his viability as a Republican presidential nominee intact, has vetoed the magazine ban passed in the Garden State’s legislature.

The Association of New Jersey Rifle and Pistol Clubs, that state’s NRA state affiliate, was quite pleased.  They indicated the legislation would have not only banned magazines over ten rounds, but all guns with fixed magazines over ten rounds – a whole class of popular firearms.  Obviously they were pleased their lobbying efforts paid off.

As you might imagine, Michael Bloomberg and his prostituted Moms Demand Action were not so pleased.

In Kansas, that state’s new open carry law took effect July 1st.

No word if Open Carry Texas is going to try their antics in Kansas next.  Let’s hope not.

We do like the attitude of a Kansas City Kansas police captain interviewed about the new law by a local FoxNews affiliate:

Captain Rance Quinn with the Kansas City Kansas Police Department says the sight of a gun is scary for a lot of people. Police said they will still respond to calls about people with guns, but the way they handle it will be much different.

“They may make a consensual interaction with the person, ‘Like hey, how are you doing today. I see that you are exercising your right to bear firearms. Is there anything I can do for you today?’ Or something along those lines,” said Capt. Quinn.