Illinois has decreed that rest stops are “NO GUNS” locations for card-carrying good guys with guns.

That means bad guys can hunt there with impunity.

As this one did at a conveniently posted “gun free zone” rest stop:

PAW PAW (Pantagraph — Illinois State Police say they are looking for a man who they believe killed a Monticello woman at a highway rest stop on Interstate 39.

Police said in a news release that 44-year-old Tonya D. Bargman was found at the Willow Creek rest stop on I-39 in northern Illinois about 8:30 p.m. on Tuesday. Surveillance video showed a man attacking her as she left a restroom at the rest stop.

The rest stop is just outside the small town of Paw Paw and about 40 miles south of Rockford. Monticello is 20 miles west of Champaign.

Police believe the attacker may be driving Bargman’s gray 2013 Nissan Altima.

The victim in this case is related to Guns Save Life family member.

Folks, gun-free zones are criminal empowerment zones.  They are risky.

Avoid those locations when possible.


10 thoughts on “IT’S MURDER: “NO GUNS” rest stop site of random murder…”
  1. Well guess what folks, I won’t be stopping at rest areas while I’m traveling. I’ll just get off at the next exit.

  2. Let’s not forget to thank our scumbag politicians who wanted more criminal safety zones. the blood is on their hands. some states have armed security at their rest stops because they know these places can be magnets for criminals of all kinds, we have useless cameras. Illinois fails again.

  3. Target was closer to me, by a “smidgen”.

    I’ve not been a fan of theirs for probably 20 years, but I’ll be delighted to send a few multi-hundred dollar receipts from Wally World to their corporate address, thanking them for making my decision on where to shop much easier.


    1. Whoops. I thought I was on the Target post.

      Blonde moment, I suppose.

      Condolences to the GSL family.

      Sad story. Unnecessary death.

      Thank you Michael Madigan


  4. Everyone should let our great governor know how much we like him for creating so many new killing zones 🙁 in Illinois.

  5. What is it going to take to get our politicians to understand they are promoting illegal gun carry and more violence by designating non-carry locations. If a criminal knows law abiding citizens are not carrying then the criminal is more apt to not be at risk their-selves so less worry. When the criminal enters an area where law abidinig citizens might be carrying then the criminal is less likely to cause trouble. Big publication yesterday about Chicago confiscating 350,000 illegal guns. DAH HUH ! I bet there are 250,000 guns back into the hands of the same perpetrators……I’ll carry & it’s legal!!!!!

  6. That’s the same rest area that I found someone’s f o i d card and mailed it to him a couple months ago Asked hi to call me if he got it but never did

  7. obviously the fight is not over. we MUST get these idiots out of office! November is not far away. get out and vote, get your family and friends out to vote. in the mean time try an educate/sway the less informed.

  8. I’ll trust my ability to conceal! Don’t ask, don’t tell! I’ll bet this woman, during the very last seconds as she grasped for air, was wishing she had a way to stop the attack, other than with her hands! If you want to be the “honest” person and abide by these corrupt laws, go ahead, I won’t try to stop you. I choose to not be a victim, period! You can be “law abiding” and dead if that makes you feel good as a citizen. They know these laws do nothing to stop crime and so do the criminals! would you listen to a thugs advice? Then why in the world are you listening to these thug politicians, thugs with badges or their so called laws? It’s called control! Arm up people and surrender to no one!

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