The Obama regime in Washington has released more than 36,000 illegal alien convicted criminals who were facing deportation hearings.  These individuals aren’t nice people, not by a long shot.  They each have criminal convictions – including scores (nearly 200, actually) murderers, hundreds of rapists and child molesters, over three hundred kidnappers and…  well, you get the idea.

Using the same tired old refrain from supporters of amnesty for illegals, Obama seems to think America needs these illegal alien convicted criminals in our society to kill, rape and victimize the Americans that Americans won’t kill, rape and victimize.

With friends like Barack Hussein Obama, Americans don’t need any enemies.

This unilateral act on behalf of Obama represents 36,000 additional reasons good people should consider learning and reaping the benefits of firearms ownership to defend their families from criminals.

Get a firearm.  Get training.  Empower yourself and protect your family.

6 thoughts on “36,007 REASONS TO OWN A GUN: Obama administration releases illegal alien criminals awaiting deportation hearings…”
  1. They want crime stats to get worse. This is how they plan to shape public opinion. They want to point at the crime wave this will produce and blame it on the increasing numbers of guns.

    1. Of course, same as the “reasoning” behind Fast and Furious. Obama claimed 90% and they had to do something to try and make him look like he wasn’t just lying again.

  2. The Marxist is just waiting till these dirty animals start killing people so he can demand more gun control.

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