There’s a whole lot of pathetic from Sacramento, California in a story about two thugs, aged 14 and 17, who broke into an elderly widow’s home thinking it was fair game to steal from.  The woman’s husband had died recently and she’s since been repeatedly burglarized.

Unbeknownst to our young, would-be cancer curing scientists, the elderly woman asked a relative to spend some time with her to guard against intruders.  When our young hoodlums broke in this time, they found themselves getting perforated repeatedly.

Afterwards, when the media comes along to report on the incident, the girlfriend of the older thug is there protesting that her boy toy was killed.  “It’s not right!” she cried.

From the story:

As FOX40 was news gathering, we spotted several people in tears, walking to the scene of the shooting. One of the girls was Ashleigh Davison, Crider’s girlfriend. She and her mother said he was a 17 year-old boy with no parents, had no home, and was in and out of Child Protective Services his entire life.

They believe the system had failed him.

“I don’t blame them for doing what they did,” Ashleigh’s mother, Tracy Webb said about the shooting. “It’s not right to break in and to burglarize people’s homes. No, it’s not. But at the same time, a life has been lost. A life has been taken. I’m sure he and a friend, Michael Sambrano, were doing what they thought they needed to do to survive.”

Tough cookies, honey.  Low-information voters Ashleigh and her mother don’t believe in personal responsibility it would seem.  “Doing what they needed to do to survive?”  How about go to school and get a job?  How about live the Ten Commandments?  How about not being a scumbag?

Also, check out the contrast in pictures.   One more recent at the top and the innocent, boyish photo below that the family provided to the media.  And then another.

Is he someone you would want living in your neighborhood?

8 thoughts on “BOO HOO: Girlfriend of dead thug says “It’s not right!” after he got ‘kilt’ burglarizing a home”
  1. The toilet of life has flushed two more turds down the drain, and cleaned up the gene pool.

  2. “I’m sure they were doing what they thought they needed to do to survive.”

    Yeah. I’m sure they were just stealing bread, apples, and blankets. Maybe ol’ Ashleigh here is just upset that her influx of free flatscreens is dried up.

  3. Obviously you were not doing what you needed to survive, since what you were doing got you killed. Maybe others will learn that survival involves not being a criminal.

  4. Didja notice the tat “artist” spelt his gurffrien’s name wrong, unless, that is, the maggot dated another girl actually named “Ashley”?

    And, he had to PAY FOR the tat, so he had disposable income.

    Man, it’s tough out dere fo’ a pimp, ainit?

    1. You weren’t the only one who noticed that.

      Maybe he wasn’t smart enough to know how to spell Ashleigh… OR we just can’t see it clearly enough in the pix.


  5. His pig girlfriend will be getting humped by another loser before this scumbags carcass is cold. Way to go home defender, you stopped a burglary and cleaned up society all at once, NICE JOB !!!!

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