Inner-city thugs in Chicago don’t celebrate Mother’s Day with flowers and candy.

Instead, they’re busy shooting at one another.

The Chicago Sun-Times reported that four people were killed and 18+ more wounded in Chicago over the Mother’s Day weekend.

Of course, when the family unit isn’t a family unit, all sorts of anti-social behaviors tend to follow, do they not?

Too often though, the thug-on-thug violence claims the life of good people who aren’t part of the dead-end thug culture.

Among those is a 37-year-old mother of three, killed by a stray round.

Chicago (Sun-Times) – Summer Moore was planning to celebrate Mother’s Day with a family barbecue.

Friday night, just before 8 p.m., the 37-year-old mother of three was shot and killed, apparently by a bullet meant for someone else, according to the police and relatives.

“We really need to end this gun violence in the city of Chicago because innocent people are getting shot,” said Moore’s cousin, Chant’e Moore.

Chant’e, if you had substituted “thug culture” for gun violence in that sentence, you would go a long way closer to eliminating the rampant violence plaguing Chicago every day.


3 thoughts on “CHICAGO: Nothing says “HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY” like 4 killed, 18+ wounded”
  1. I’m just finishing “One Second After” (Wm. Forstchen) for the THIRD TIME in six months.

    These animals are gonna come right down I57 when the SHTF. Cause, dis be whey de foods grows.

    What will we do? How can we defend against an army of two million of these animals? I guess the good thing is that they’re not ALL armed, and WE are, right?

    1. BWAHHHH!

      They will all get on the Interstate and their cars will begin breaking down before they get out of the big city some have never left before in their lives.

      Those broken down cars (or ones that run out of gas) will quickly clog the interstate turning it into a giant parking lot.

      Nah, they won’t be going far from their comfort zones.

      Besides, if you’re holding your gun like they do in music videos and Hollyweird, they won’t be able to hit the broad side of a barn.


  2. I think Father Flagler has a great idea, lets all wear stop sign “T” shirts. Lets also have a recording of all the “D” Jays saying “put the gun down”, if approached by the typical Chicago Thug.
    We will all be protected, now why did not the Police Chief, and the Mayor think of that. If this works, then the Police Chief, and all the Chicago Police as well as the Mayors body guards will never have to carry guns! “And we will all live happily ever after”

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