Guns Save Life is a volunteer organization.

One of our successful programs is our Burma-Shave style signs, which get the pro-gun and pro-rights message out to millions of people each year, without benefit of television.  Messages beamed straight to the eyeballs of Mr. and Mrs. America and their 2.5 children traveling down the highways.

Another successful sign program work day was held today, but of a different and sadder sort.  One of our landowners passed away last year, and the new owners of the land wanted the signs we had there removed.

Thanks to Bob Woodcock, Guy Easter, and John Naese for braving the intermittent thunderstorms and the mud to take down the sets on either side of I-74 at the Mansfield exit.

Here’s a photo of the intrepid two, with John N visible as the photo taker in the reflection off Guy’s sunglasses.

If you think the Burmas are an effective communication tool, and you want to help, contact John Naese.  These signs don’t put themselves up, or change slogans, or get the brush cut by themselves.  You, the members and supporters of Guns Save Life, help make it happen, not just with money, but with sweat equity.

You can also contact John Naese if you want to comment on a set of signs you passed, or offer information on their condition.

So have fun during your travels by reading the Guns Save Life Burma-style signs!

6 thoughts on “Getting the word out – Burma-Shave style”
  1. A big “thank you” to all involved with this program. You do a great job and I suspect the rewards are far reaching.

  2. I first learned of from “Burmashave” signs on I-72 coming into Champaign. Glad I saw them.

    1. The whole idea was to get conversations started among people passing by, who might not at that moment know or care anything about guns or the Second Amendment.

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