Man kicks in back door to a rural residence.

The homeowner, a Viet Nam vet, greets him with hot lead.

Bad guy gets a free hearse ride.

The question is, will anyone claim the violent intruder’s carcass?

Man kills home invasion suspect in St. Clair County

ST. CLAIR COUNTY, IL (KTVI)– A 72-year old man defending his home fired one shot at a man who broke down his back door Thursday afternoon in a rural area south of Cahokia.  The suspected burglar fled the house but collapsed and died on the driveway in the 2100 block of Imbs Station Road.

The St. Clair County Sheriff`s Department is investigating the crime as a residential burglary.    Under Illinois law the crime will not be classified as a home invasion .  Intruders must know someone is at home when they break-in for the crime to be identified as a home invasion.

Capt. Scott Weymouth said they do not expect any charges to be filed against the homeowner who used a handgun to stop the burglar.

A neighbor told FOX2 News there have been several burglaries in the neighborhood and he had seen the blue Intrigue being driven in the area before.  Detectives are still working to identify the dead man.  He had no identification with him and the car`s Illinois license plate did not match the vehicle.  He is described as a black male in his mid-fifties.




7 thoughts on “ARMED AMERICAN: Break into this vet’s home, get a free hearse ride!”
  1. Well the criminal wanted to get something for free and he did, a free bullet and a free hearse ride.

  2. Im sure the lamestream media will turn it around and make it the homeowners fault.

  3. was nice enough to post a map to the man’s house along with their story online… how does that seem like a good idea to anyone?
    Can’t link to picture from here it seems.

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