(Guns Save Life) – The size of Chicago’s police force has been on the decline for years.  A lack of money for new cadet classes and the never-ending stream of retirements has taken the Chicago Police Department thousands of officers below its strength in the 1990s.

Today’s officers working conditions don’t look at all like the set of the new TV-series Chicago PD.

In the real Chicago, cops are driving high-mileage cars and SUVs in poor condition with chronic mechanical issues.  Police station houses are often in fair to poor condition with homeless people sometimes sleeping in what should be secure areas.

The interior of an in-service Chicago Police Ford Explorer.

Morale at the department is far from upbeat, thanks in part to horribly unpopular police superintendents.
Former FBI agent Jody Weis was chief under Daley’s final years and was known as “J-Fled” after fleeing the sound of gunfire during a press conference.

Chicago PD Superintendent Garry McCarthy is quick to claim credit and slow to accept responsibility.

Weis was replaced by the present superintendent Garry McCarthy, a hard-drinker known as the “streetlight assassin” for drunkenly shooting out streetlights after leaving a bar earlier in his career.

Despite poor and sometimes unsafe working conditions, low morale and shrinking numbers, Chicago’s Finest somehow manage to keep half a lid on Chicago’s boiling pot of violent crime.

Of course, the political animal Garry McCarthy has been bragging for weeks, citing his leadership and policies within the Chicago Police Department for a reputed reduction in Chicago’s insanely high violent crime numbers.

While McCarthy was quick to claim credit, he left out the two true reasons for those improved statistics.

He didn’t give credit to Chicago’s record cold temperatures these past four months.  Cold temperatures tend to keep layabouts and hoodlums off the streets.

Garry McCarthy’s crime stats are also highly suspect.  Chicago Magazine just exposed the shameful manipulation of crime data, reclassifying as many as one-quarter of crimes as non-criminal incidents in the past three years.

Everything began to return to normalcy when Chicago experienced it’s first warm weekend of Spring 2014.  Four people were killed and about three dozen more were wounded in an explosion of criminal violence during the second weekend of April.

Did Chief McCarthy cite his (poor) leadership and (failed) policies for this most recent orgy of violence?

Of course not.

He blamed the guns:  “While Chicago continues to see reductions in crime and violence, there’s obviously much more work to be done and we continue to be challenged by lax state and federal gun laws.”


[Editor’s note:  Yes, we know proper English is “Fewer cops” in the headline, but we’re targeting the low-information crowd with that headline.]

7 thoughts on “BLOODY CHICAGO: Less cops, more crime”
  1. Jon if Illinois and chicago had more respect for the 2A we wouldnt need very many police. We have a Godless state!

  2. We have a fatherless state, where Uncle Sam has replaced the father in these Chicago families.

  3. Well I just heard the Chicago score for this past weekend. It’s 6–33. That’s 6 dead 33 injured. On the streets of Chicago Way to go street lite guy. Oh yea where’s the reduced crime. That Mr Kirk had. Given to somebody to reduce crime. What about that money Kirk ???

  4. McStreetlights is all over the 14 yr old girl shooting the other 14 yr old girl as if the gun had the idea on its own. According to Gerry himself, the following laws were broken
    1. Car burglarized, gun stolen from legal owner (Felony Burglary)(Felony theft of Firearm)
    2. Gun in custody of non-FOID holder, (Unlawful Use of Weapon)
    3. Gun in access to, or provided to 14 yr old girl. (UUW, again)
    5. Gun fired at another person with no justification. (Murder)
    I am no lawyer and I am certain theres much more to this nonsense case. Below I80 theres all sorts of teenage girls, guns, and arguements, but if they created the same outcome, ever, we would have heard about it! HOW MANY MORE LAWS WOULD SOLVE THE PROBLEM?

    What everyone ignores is the crux of the problem. The Black urban gangster culture that fosters this stupidity! And call me racist all you want, I dont care. Shooting the messenger does nothing to improve the lives of these people…. I live in close proximity to good and hardworking honest people who are the prey of these feral beasts, and if they have no regard for their own lives, is it any surprise they have none for anyone elses?
    I would call them animals no matter their color, this is not acceptable in any culture!
    We can’t teach values in school, we dont dare say what we know to be true! Some white billionaire says something about blacks and gets a LIFETIME ban from the NBA and will likely lose his ownership of a team, but you can bet your obamaphone that this 14 yr old murderer will be out in time to give birth to a whole new crop of feckless, unemployable losers to sponge off the taxpayers their entire lives, yet some guy who leaves his gun in a locked car is the problem? Why is the quote of an old white man more harmful than the active murder of a black child by another black child?
    This can’t be solved by more laws. This can only be solved by changing the culture and values of the group that is involved in the problem.

  5. They said tonite that if the 14 year old girl that shot her is convicted she will be out in. 6 years I her 21 st birthday. !! How’s that for a penalty for murdering your friend. !!

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