New York City’s comptroller has brought NYC-style big-city bigotry to a Texas energy company that donated money to the National Rifle Association and a conservative political action committee.

Scott Stringer, the NYC money man in control of $150 billion in Big Apple pension funds, sent a nastygram to Clayton Williams Energy Inc. (CWE) seeking more information those donations and all others.

From a Daily Caller article reprinted by

“Put bluntly,” Stringer wrote, “I find it difficult to comprehend how a small company like CWEI could be the largest and second largest public company contributor, respectively, to the NRA and to super PACs.”

The city’s pensions have around $3.2 million invested in Clayton Williams Energy, which is based in Midland. It had a market capitalization of over $1.6 billion as of Monday. The oil and gas company’s eponymous owner was the Republican nominee for Texas governor in 1990.

“I write to request that the board immediately disclose all of the corporation’s political spending for the past four years, together with supporting information describing the corporate purpose,” Stringer wrote in the letter, also obtained by The Daily Caller News Foundation.

Stringer wrote that he specifically wanted to review a breakdown of “all direct and indirect political” payments made to 501(c)(4)s, 501(c)(3)s and other tax-exempt organizations “involved in the political process, including voter education.”

Clearly Stringer is trying to intimidate CWE.

Given that NYC’s pension fund is about a .2% shareholder in the company, we hope Clayton Williams Energy suggests to the big city twit Stringer that he pound a few metric tons of sand.

CWE should encourage NYC to divest themselves of their shares in the company and instead invest in one of the many failing, Obama-supported “green” energy companies…  such as Ecotality.  It would be a fitting place for NYC to squander their pension funds.

5 thoughts on “New York City interrogates Texas company about NRA donations”
  1. They may just ask if his employees is wearing union made underwear versus non-union made. His reply could be ” Up New York “.

  2. Looks like I found a new company to invest in! Unfortuneatley for me even if NY does dump their .2% it won’t even cause a ripple for a dip in the price…

  3. I think it’s fair to read into why Stringer is asking. He is a turd. On the other hand, these are fair questions to ask as a shareholder. If you owned .2% and they were donating to Obama you’d want to know why.

  4. Mr. Stringer seems to be confusing investor with business executive.

    If Mr. Stringer and his friends don’t like how the company is being run, he’s free to take his money and his mouth elsewhere.


  5. Don’t worry about whether the investments make a profit or not… just be sure they’re politically correct!

    Glad they aren’t investing MY pension money.

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