More than a 1,000 additional policemen in Shanghai have begun carrying revolvers on patrol and more cities are coming online as soon as officers are properly trained.

Imagine, even communist Chinese understand the only thing that stops bad people with evil in their hearts is a good guy with a gun.


Shanghai relaxes controls on armed patrols
SHANGHAI, April 20 (Xinhua) — More than 1,000 policemen in Shanghai began carrying revolvers while on patrol Sunday as China tightens public security to deal with serious violent crimes.

The Ministry of Public Security invested in the firearms and specially designed them for its police force. The police officers qualified to carry them after a training series and examinations on laws and psychology, according to the municipal public security bureau.

…Following the fatal knife attacks in Kunming and Changsha, the ministry said in mid-March that it would carry out armed patrols and take timely measures to handle violent crimes.

In addition to Shanghai, the ministry named other key cities, such as Changsha, Kunming, Urumqi and Lhasa, where public security will be reinforced to effectively prevent and crack down on criminal activities.

6 thoughts on “CHINA is putting more guns in the hands of good guys…”
  1. Revolvers? Really? I mean, it’s better than nothing, and should go bang everytime they pull the trigger. But…

    1. Chinese coppers w/ guns can stop a knife wielding lunatic. But 1,000 Chinese coppers w/ revolvers could not as effectively stage any sort of resistance, revolt, or “Yellow Spring” like we’ve seen elsewhere in the world recently, now could they?

      Those commies aren’t dumb.

  2. Note that the story did not say that they actually have bullets in the revolvers. They could all be like Barney, one round in the chest pocket.

  3. Why the derision towards revolvers?

    I carry one and it does just fine for CCW.

    Some would do well to remember that a CCW isn’t for fighting, but for escaping a dangerous, life-threatening situation. Even if I’m confronted by a group, I imagine punching a couple of holes in the “mouth” of the group will dissuade the others rather effectively.

    If you need proof of that, google that video of the Chicago cop confronted by three armed robbers. Once #1 took a round, the other two almost ran out of their shoes to get away.


    1. I’m not putting down revolvers in any way. I have several and carry them on occasion. I wholly agree they are more than adequate for CCW. But for police work, it had generally been agreed by most police agencies that a larger capacity semi-auto is preferable. That’s all, no derision intended.

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