Michael Bloomberg should ask for his money back.

He’s dumped $50 into his gun control machine now called Everytown for Gun Control – and the third graders he’s spent all that money on can’t even run a decent publicity machine or make a decent photoshop.

But then again, what do you expect of employees like Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter – a man who is a glittering jewel of colossal, low-information ignorance.

Bloomberg, who created Everytown for Gun Control as a new organization now that he’s no longer a mayor member of Mayors Against Guns (and thugs and felons for Child Pornography, Corruption (I don’t have all day for the many links), and other Sex Crimes).  The Moms Demand Action organization and its face, Shannon Watts, prostituted themselves to Bloomberg last year.  That group has been pretty much a social media entity, pumping out internet “meme” photos every few days.

Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Control group has given us one misstep after another in their roll-out.

On the first day, Bloomberg’s $50 million couldn’t even buy someone smart enough to start a page on Facebook, the world’s largest social media website.  That’s some weapons-grade negligence right there.

Facebook has since given that page to Bloomberg’s schoolkids running Everytown for Gun Control.

A couple of days later, they treated us to this photoshopped image:

$50 million bought that fine piece of work.  Are their people – from the person doing the layout to the supervisor who approved the image to the person who posted it – really so ignorant as to believe a whole cartridge emerges from the barrel?

Apparently so.

Queue up the banjo music from Deliverance.

Now, we’re treated to this masterpiece:

This masterpiece was signed by Jay Branscomb.

We’re not sure who Jay is, but he doesn’t know jack about guns.

Jay, here’s a clue:  Revolvers don’t fire whole cartridges either, and they don’t fire without pulling the trigger.  And then there’s the issue of the cylinder gap, but Jay probably has never heard of a cylinder gap as part of his unconscious incompetence.

It would have taken Jay 0.55 seconds to Google an image of a revolver firing a shot to find something to model his work from.

This is what a revolver firing looks like, Jay.

Some have been pouring a lot of digital ink about Bloomberg’s new group.

We’re not, except to illustrate their high-priced incompetence from time to time.

If their first weeks’ sloppiness is any indicator, Everytown for Gun Control isn’t going to be much of a player in the world of gun control advocacy.

4 thoughts on “Blooomberg’s $50M can’t even buy a decent media operation”
  1. Sure would be nice if the pro-firearms side could scam ol’ Bloomers out of some of his millions for positive things like GSL does with selling Chicago gun “buy back” junk guns to buy ammo for teaching kids how to shoot responsibly. Bloomers is the epitome of someone with too much money.

    1. In their denial, they claimed that “imposters” were using their name on Facebook to publish this image.

      Either they are lying to cover up their ignorance or they are so ignorant that they didn’t reserve the appropriate facebook spaces.

      Either way, incompetence is incompetence.

  2. The fact they are even reacting to the attacks by our side against Bloomie’s latest group is evidence they are working to cripple their new “brand” / group.

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