Rhode Island State Senator Josh Miller gets confronted in the halls of the Rhode Island statehouse by a man reminding him of the Second Amendment.

Miller’s response?

Go **** yourself.

How nice.

Here’s some background:

(ABC6) – Some Rhode Island lawmakers…are again taking aim at gun control. No fewer that nine bills are now being considered – from banning assault style weapons; to boosting sales tax on ammunition; and, limiting gun clips to no more than ten rounds.

“People do have the right to own a gun. I believe in that. But I think there’s also a new type of responsibility that has to come with controlling a gun and the guns that go out into the street,” said State Rep. Joe Almeida (D) Providence, who sponsored three of the bills.

Gun owner’s rights advocates are already firing back. “We’re in an election year and there is an element of this that is obviously election year antics,” said State Rep. Mike Chippendale (R) Foster.

SKip to about 1:00 in this youtube video.

8 thoughts on “THE “BEST” AND THE “BRIGHTEST”: R.I. State Senator confronted on gun rights: “Go f*** yourself.””
  1. Anybody else ever shudder when the media or low info voters call magazines ‘clips’?

    1. yep.. I educate people who use the wrong terms whenever possible. (if at home, I use visual aids.. a stripper clip of 7.62x54R vs a standard sized 30-round PMAG) 🙂

  2. An organwinder and its monkey politician. What’s the count for the security detail with guns around this little despot ?

  3. Typical response from a liberal, name-calling and/or swearing, when they don’t have a good answer to a direct question.

  4. maybe if this life form was to “hook up ” with MAD persons he could apply those words.

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