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8 thoughts on “VIDEO: NM cops shoot, kill homeless man. Justified?”
  1. Don’t know if this is true or not, but I read somewhere that this homeless man has had a history of violent behavior and has slashed several people with his knife, including members of local LE. However, after watching the video, it’s hard to say if it was justified or not; because, in my eyes, he never posed an immediate threat; BUT given his history and the fact that he had a knife in his hand AND the knowledge that he could easily span the distance from him to the closest officer in about a second and a half (Tula drill, sp?, there MAY have been cause. It also appears that he turned his back on the officers while appearing to reach for something while directly disobeying commands. The ability was there, as was the opportunity, but I’m having a hard time believing the officer’s life was in immediate jeopardy. Maybe I may have missed something in watching the video?

  2. Hard to tell, since the video stops in the middle of the escalating portion. Would be nice to see the ENTIRE video to be able to make a better judgement.

  3. There is more to this than the mainstream media is reporting. That is why the video is edited. I will try to post a link for the unedited video. This was an execution. If the link does not go through, google search “uncensored police kill camping” it is on infowars site.

  4. Another excused execution by the para military police. The days of Mayberry serve and protect are over. We are seeing more and more storm troopers of death with a badge acting above the law. Welcome to the new America! Do as we say or pay the ultimate price. .. we can’t be touched scum citizen!

    Makes me sick.

  5. The Tueller Drill argument doesn’t apply here since the officers had already drawn their weapons. The draw is a central part of the drill so the 21′ rule would no longer be applicable if the gun is already in play.

    1. Fair point. With that being said, then no, I don’t think it was a justified shooting.

  6. He was back shot while walking Away from a group of armed thugs. The gang members should be prosecuted and executed.

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