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First up: an 81-year-old fella who a neighbor says, “is the kind of guy you don’t mess with”.

It’s Palm Beach Gardens, FL and 81-year-old Rosko Rock has rented a room in his house out to a younger woman.  She’s there with a female friend of hers when the renter’s boyfriend – who has violent tendencies.

Dale Hendrix Reese, 39, was a Billy Badass with the two women after slashing the tire on the girlfriend’s car.

Enter Rosko, who does the right thing by telling Reese to behave or leave.  The enraged boyfriend advances on the old man who explains things to Mr. Reese in a way he has never had them ‘splained to before.

The police say they don’t expect Mr. Reese to survive.  That’s such a shame.


Cops stand around after an Armed American put an end to a violent attack from a domestic abuser. WPTV photo.

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. – Police in Palm Beach Gardens say an 81-year-old resident shot a man accused of attacking him and two women at his house Saturday.

At 4:45 p.m., police said they were called to the 400 block of Riverside Drive in response to the shooting.

Investigators learn that Dale Hendrix Reese, 39, was having domestic problems with his girlfriend.

According to police, his girlfriend was visiting a friend on Riverside Drive.  However, Reese spotted his girlfriend’s car at the residence and flattened her tire, said investigators.

Police said the owner of the house, Rosko Rock, 81, was confronted by Reese, who wanted to know the location of the girlfriend.

“My neighbor, he’s the kind of guy you don’t mess with,” said Harry Cornelius, who lives next door to Rock.

Investigators said Reese forced his way into the house and began attacking the girlfriend and her friend, who rented a room at the residence from Rock.

Rock, according to officers, retrieved his handgun and told Reese to leave.

Police said that Reese aggressively approached Rock, so the 81-year-old man shot Reese.  Officers said they do not expect Reese to survive his wounds.


Omaha, NE:  Dead perp’s family cries foul, DA says good shoot

Ramon Matlock would have been better served watching old re-runs of Matlock on TV than breaking through the front door into an Armed American’s home in Omaha this past weekend.

Ramon was playing thug, just like in rap videos, when reality intruded into his world in the form of hot lead, as part of his sudden and profound realization that he made a painful error in his victim selection process.

The prosecutor says “good shoot” and declined to press charges against the homeowner.  Ramon’s family, however, is crying “FOUL!”, saying their little choirboy was an angel, with a job, money and was on his way to the store from his Aunty’s house when he was shot down in cold blood in the front yard of the homeowner.  Or something like that.

He was probably going to cure cancer, too.

(WOWT) – Douglas County Attorney Don Kleine has decided not to file charges against the homeowner responsible for shooting and killing an intruder.

On Monday, County Attorney Don Kleine announced the shooting of Ramon Matlock was justified.

Matlock and his sister. Photo via WOWT.

Officers arrived at North 49th and Fort shortly after 9 p.m. Saturday and found the body of 19-year-old Ramon Matlock of Omaha lying on the front lawn of the house. Police said he entered the residence through the front door. Details of exactly what happened next have not been released.

Matlock’s family tells WOWT 6 News they want a full investigation and can’t think of a reason why Ramon would break into a home because he’s never done so before. They say he has a job, has money and was on his way to the store from his aunt’s house two blocks away. They say his dad also lives two blocks away in the opposite direction. They wonder if he got confused and went to the wrong house.

“I want some extensive investigation into why the man is claiming this, and if it’s so, well it’s so, but if not, we want to get to the truth,” said Richard Matlock, the suspect’s grandfather.

Ramon’s grandfather though did tell WOWT 6 News he can understand why a homeowner would be scared in such a situation. “I want no retaliation or anything, the gentleman’s at his home…so what else can you say? And I don’t know the circumstances,” he explained.

The 19 year old’s aunt, Estelle Bowman, was the last person to see Ramon alive. He was at her house. “I don’t understand why you shoot someone outside your house…he got shot outside he didn’t get shot inside,” she told WOWT 6 News.


Here’s a couple of more bad guys who suffered sudden and profound failures in their predatory victimization selection:

HE THOUGHT HE WAS ENTITLED:  Armed husband ends would-be robber’s career prospects in Houston.

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  1. With the laws’ improvement, you don’t have to keep the thug inside your house until satan collects them up. This helps with getting the word out in the hood about the unavailibility of unarmed sheep. A big time visual aid to the informational inpaired.

  2. the Omaha story will come back up again… Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson will use that as an example of the supposed evils of “Stand Your Ground” being racist… unless of course the homeowner was also a minority, in which case it’ll be buried and never heard of again.

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