Shannon Watts, the head Mom Demanding Action (someone point her to the nearest singles bar, will ya?) and her merry band of paid gun control shills, held a conference this past weekend on how to disrupt the “gun lobby”.

It wasn’t well attended.

The delicious irony?

Some of those in attendance were grassroots gun rights activists on the down-low.

One of which even got his picture snapped with little Miss Watts…  while he was packing heat.

Alan Brooks, a gun rights activist and contributor to The Truth About Guns, poses with a dolled-up Shannon Watts. While packing his heater.

Photos courtesy The Truth About Guns.

Well done, Alan and company!



Shannon Watts is crying foul!


Your pants are on fire, Shannon.


3 thoughts on “DELICIOUS IRONY: Gun guys permeate audience of anti-gun conference on how to “disrupt the gun lobby” UPDATE: Watts crying foul”
  1. What would have totally thrown her for a loop was right before the picture was snapped to flatly say “BTW your taking a picture with a guy carrying a gun.” I think the look on her face would have just plain made my year.

  2. That’s a fun report. Love the picture.

    But, we want more. How about some talking-point action notes from the discussion. We would like some additional pointers on “Disrupting the Anti-gun Lobby With Digital Organizing”

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