Dorothy Brown’s husband Benton Cook gives her a big, fat kiss. This wasn’t the kiss he gave her when he received a big payday courtesy of Governor Pat Quinn. He should have kissed the taxpayers of Illinois instead. After all, we’re the ones who got… uh, “taken to the cleaners” on the deal.


Illinois Governor Pat Quinn’s solution to inner-city violent crime doesn’t involve empowering crime-plagued local residents with the tools they can use to defend their homes and protect their families.

No sir.

Instead, our governor finds $54.5 million in our bankrupt state a month before the last gubernatorial election as part of a crime-prevention “Neighborhood Recovery Initiative“, and he gifts it in the name of violence prevention.

Some of it went to Quinn’s now-infamous “Hire A Thug” program.

Some of it went to political insiders. Insiders like the household of former Cook County Circuit Clerk Dorothy Brown.

Hard to believe, I know.

Take the West Garfield Park neighborhood in Chicago.

SPRINGFIELD (Sun-Times) — West Garfield Park ranks in the top 20 most violent areas on the city map.

In 2011 and 2012, the West Side neighborhood got more than $2.1 million from Gov. Pat Quinn’s administration through his Neighborhood Recovery Initiative anti-violence program, state records show.

But instead of all that public money going toward quelling the shooting and other violence there, a substantial chunk of it — almost 7 percent — appears to have gone into the pocket of the husband of Cook County Circuit Court Clerk Dorothy Brown.

Some of us would consider that nothing short of buying votes.


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  1. Let’s see, 7% of the 54.5 Mil. is 3.815 Mil., or if it is 7% of the 2.1 Mil. it is only $147,000. Surely Benton Cook is still on food stamps, just tryin’ ta keep the chillin’s fed.

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