The Bad Idea Factory in Springfield, known as the IL General Assembly, has all manner of special interest groups lobbying for more state money from our very bankrupt state.  Among those are organizations that hire criminal thugs to act as “peacekeepers” and “violence interrupters” on the streets of Chicago.  At least when they’re not robbing, carjacking or otherwise victimizing others.  Or shooting themselves in the ass (like “violence interrupter” Greg Sherman in the photo at his court arraignment).

One group is lobbying for ANOTHER $140M in state funding for these ineffective programs on top of the $200-$300M a year the state already spends on these misguided programs.

What’s more, they make some pretty astounding used cow food claims about their “success” thus far.  From TCS:

(The Center Square) – The Reimagine Public Safety Act calls for a comprehensive approach to reducing violent crime through targeted community investments. Advocates and violence prevention groups gathered in Springfield recently to push for $140 million.

Target Area Development Director of Research and Re-entry Edward McBride said the reduction of crime in Chicago can be attributed to the Reimagine Public Safety Act and peacekeepers, who receive about $200 a day in taxpayer dollars.

“But essentially this has a known factor to bring down crime in the city and around the state, and we are looking at a 40% drop in the city of Chicago in gun violence. There have been numerous programs that have been implemented with this funding and we want to permanently fund it so that it doesn’t go away,” said McBride.

40% drop in gun violence?  I don’t know what Ed McBride is smoking, but it’s some good stuff.  If he’s got some figures that show a 40% drop in gun violence, he must be doing some Olympic-level gymnastics to cherry-pick a particular subset of data.

Here’s what the real world looks like.   Courtesy of (specifically their instagram account).

Illinois already spends at least $200M-$300M per year on “violence prevention.”  And paying thugs $200 a day to stay out of trouble comes up to $52,000 per year assuming 5-day “work weeks.”

TCS continues:

Despite instances where so-called peacekeepers in Chicago have been charged with beating and robbing people, advocates and state Rep. Justin Slaughter, D-Chicago, pushed for more funding to be given to violence prevention programs that work with the peacekeepers.

Peacekeepers can be ex-convicts like Oscar Montes who was on tape in his yellow peacekeeper vest last year, with about six other men, and was beating and robbing a victim they had pulled from a car stopped at a red light in Chicago. Montes, prior to becoming a peacekeeper, served over 10 years for aggravated discharge of a firearm into an occupied vehicle.

Hundreds of violence prevention advocates in orange shirts and yellow peacekeeper vest were at the Capitol last week. McBride said his organization works with peacekeepers.

Sounds as though they had more “peacekeepers” and “violence interrupters” in Springfield with their hands out from more lucre from the state than we had at the Illinois State Rifle Association’s IGOLD event.

9 thoughts on “$200/DAY FOR THUGS? ‘Gun Violence Prevention’ advocates seek ANOTHER $140M in IL state funding”
  1. That is REPORTED crimes. Since CPD no longer responds to all 911 calls, that might have an effect on reported crime. Also, fewer things are now crimes. Federal gun control laws like Straw Man purchases and having a full auto device on you gun is not referred to BATF as a matter of Chicago written policy. See how much money the Democrats are saving us.

  2. Please, please, please, STOP using the commie tern “gun violence” and refer to it what it IS aka: “CRIMINAL violence”, one of my “pet peeves about the lamestream “legacy” media calling criminal actions blame to an inanimate object (guns), I know, it is ingrained in “society” but DO NOT capitulate to the anti-firearms crowd-speak.

  3. That’s pretty effed up that the state of Illinois is paying these thugs $200 a day. They aren’t even paying me that in my retirement. And I worked for them for 30 years. Goddamn Democrats. Care more about illegals and criminals than the productive members of society.

    1. Wait!!!!

      Sam, you claim to have worked for government for 30 years. That means you were a union mook. One or another…. AFSCME??

      I don’t remember reading anything about your lawsuit.Seeking to have your union dews requirement invalidated. Or hearing you speak out in support of right to work laws when illinois passed them.
      Where exactly did you file that lawsuit???

      Oh, so you’re complaining now about the democrats.But your union has been paying to see them elected for a century now!!

      In other words, you have no one to blame but yourself for the state that our state is in!


      I always get a kick out of how democrats and their supporters will suddenly complain about the state of our government when it is them and their ilk who are responsible for it.

      That would be like John Boch suddenly whining that someone called his wife or daughter a w**** because, you know, he’s been doing it forever on this site. * Still waiting for your apology to that fat prickster’s daughter for calling her what you did, j b. Should I hold my breath?

    2. Please, please, please hold your breath, “kenny-boy”, I would LOVE to go pee on your gravesite or in your urinal, oops I mean your urn-i-al, hahaha, you pathetic pile of narcissist quisling manure. Ha ha, union dews, haha, don’t you mean dooz, or dues, pathetic illiterate idiot that thinks fractions “cannot be added together”, you imbecile.

  4. N.b., If you notice typos in an original post attributable to your voice recognition software and go to edit it, you must finish your edit within arbitrary time limit, or it will automatically save the original post.
    And kick you out of what you were editing.

    1. Blah, blah, blah, go cry to yer mammy, Whoopie G., too lazy to type it in, maybe your voice is just as pathetic as what little grey matter is in yer cranium, or is it gray matter? who cares, “kenny-boy” wouldn’t know.

  5. Using their numbers (approx.):
    Current draw – $250M approx.
    Wants to draw – $140M more
    Future draw approx. – $390M
    Divided by $52,000 ($200 per day X 5 day per week X 52 weeks)
    Forecast – Approx. 7,500 people to continue or expand the socialist way of life, in Chgo., courtesy of the state taxpayers.
    Or, giving 7,500 nephews a gov’t job and buying votes, as dad would say.

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