Folks, if you live, work or play anywhere near Chicago, you should make plans to take some time away during that third week in August.  You don’t want to be within a quarter tank of gas of the Democratic National Convention Circus.

From a comment at Second City Cop:

I have heard very serious rumblings that the Feds are demanding accountability from the city and CPD for ACTUAL manpower numbers. Suddenly they are concerned the Dem convention could be shut down or overrun by swarms of nutbags funded by…the Dems. We have been begging for years for adequate manpower to simply protect our taxpayers and now they have realized it will be impossible to lockdown a secure facility let alone the city. Unless you call in an armed National Guard, borrow a projected 75,000 police from outside municipalities and give carte Blanche to arrest Anarchists the city will burn for a month starting with Republican Convention in Milwaukee. The Feds are already in panic mode and realize CPD is in worse shape than imagined and ISP is overseen by a Governor who’s family will fund and profit from the insanity for their own political and financial gain.

The chatter has already been growing about “concerns” related to security.

For those of us outside that quarter-tank radius of DNC Ground Zero, stock up on popcorn and butter.  It’s gonna be fun to watch from afar.

8 thoughts on “‘THE CITY WILL BURN’: Feds reportedly ‘in a panic’ over lack of manpower for DNC Circus”
  1. This is the inevitable outcome of Democrat’s soft on crime policies. Oh, to be a fly on the wall at ISP headquarters. Something tells me ISP will not have time to enforce PICA this summer.

    1. Don’t tell “stevie-boy” (s)he thinks ISP’s only going after PICA enforcement and “harassing” motorists on interstates, BUT he has yet to prove that with facts! (S)he just spews his hatred.

    2. GSL 1589. Please explain what you are talking about. Your comments make no sense related to what I wrote.

    3. Menard,
      “steve” is the ISP hater that only posts that the ISP only target motorists traveling the interstate highways with “harassment” and are “enforcing PICA” but has yet to prove his rants with actual facts, I believe (s)he is the one that posted under my GSL 1589 “handle” (May 4 on American Left continues to plan violent attacks …, May 3), that is a typical strategy of those who cannot support their posts with facts, similar to narcissist “ken”, who cannot “add fractions together”.

  2. Gonads in a vice and the house’s on fire. What will they do?
    Whatever action / inaction they take, it won’t be THEIR fault.

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