First, a shout out to Scott Bowyer for letting me know Channel 15 was looking for a license holder for the story.

Channel 15, WICD Champaign, was looking for a CCW licensee today to do a story on “what’s changed” since the license arrived.  Heather Good from the station met me at an undisclosed secret bunker under an nondescript brick and steel building and did a short interview with me.

The local station led off their 6p news with the story.

Here it is.   (They have no imbed code.)

11 thoughts on “WICD story on CCW license arrival”
  1. Fair and accurate interview. Nothing like that would ever be an interview done on Crook County media.

  2. Unfortunately, I have dial-up internet access so cannot watch on the computer and missed it on the TV. I have found that WICD 15 is the most fair when it comes to firearms issues and watch it most of the time. Not impressed with the national news (especially D. Sawyer. yuk) but really like the local newscast and watching Elitsa Bizios is a big plus!
    Good for you John, and thank you for all you do protecting our 2A rights!

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