Moms Demand Action never looked this good, even from the get go. Today, they are more like “Moms With Leprosy Demand Action”.

Moms Demand Action’s star is fading fast.

The wholly Bloomberg-owned subsidiary of Michael Bloomberg and his Mayors Against Gun Ownership (or something like that) went to Staples Corporate HQ today to hand off petitions with a measly 12,000 signatures demanding Staples ban guns in their stores.

Not only would nobody from the company meet with them – not even the mail clerk – but Staples “asked them to leave”.

Let me run that through the universal translator:  “Leave now or we’re calling the police to have you arrested.”

Staples wouldn’t even accept the papers with the alleged petition “signatures” – which took months for the Moms to accumulate – most of which are probably digital and worth about the paper they are printed on.  Instead, the Moms handed of the petitions to the security guard who surely forwarded them directly to the recycling bin.

So, imagine that:  A agitprop group who most people would acknowledge are one of the top three or four anti-gun organizations in the nation isn’t even afforded the courtesy of a “thank you” from a major retailer.

This is epic fail.

12 thoughts on “EPIC FAIL: Staples kicks Moms Demand Action out of corporate HQ”
  1. Did “they” steal Hillary’s reset button, that’s the reason why Putin’s Puttin’ it to OBAMA’s mind. Excuse me, please… What does it matter ?

  2. Moms Demand Action were never pretty – either above or below the skin level.

    Makes me want to stop at Staples next time I need office supplies, even though Office Depot is handier for me.

    Good for you, Staples.


  3. It wasn’t a principled stand by Staples…………the petitions were handed over in Office Depot baggies.

    1. I’d say it was between two and three thousand at the convention center.

      1200? No way.


    2. I was proud to be there, it is obvious you were not. Take your snide remarks to the dumbocrat underground where they will appreciate them. BEGONE troll!

  4. I see a couple jues in the mix. Obviously MDA is a bolshevik organization set up by the bolshevik-zionist jues.
    Show you support for Staples the next time you need supplies such as paper, print cartridges and the like to produce pro-gun pamphlets.

  5. Good on Staples! Let’s put these Bloomie shills out in the dumpster where they belong.

  6. Some one needs to send Moms Demand Action a copy of the U.S. Constitution! This is one of the most common sense statements I have ever heard when it comes to Liberty.
    “I Want Gay Married Couples To Be Able To Protect Their Marijuana Plants With Guns”

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