Look for Obama to attack gun rights in America soon to distract from his abysmal weakness in dealing with Putin and the Russians over the Ukrainian situation.

4 thoughts on “Obama: Guns, Ukraine and wagging the dog”
  1. What is new that is what the political correctness is about. Hitler, Stalin disarmed their citizens to have total control and and that’s what we are heading. I worry for the future of this nation.

  2. I imagine Osama’s entourage in the background telling Puttin’ Putin, “you’re doing it wrong “.

  3. Barack Obama will surely go down as the worst president, ever.

    He makes me appreciate Jimmy Carter’s bumbling ineptitude.

    Putin is a real leader. Obama, I’m coming to believe, is no friend of America. Frankly, I don’t think he’s even an American under the laws of this nation.


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