Facebook offers a chance for people to self-identify as idiots and bigots.

Witness these comments on the Chicago Tribune’s Facebook page regarding their story about Illinois mailing the first batch of carry licenses.

Dan Hensley Everyone PLEASE watch what you do around others in public! The slightest thing that could be perceived as a threat will be enough justification for you to end up dead under this new concealed carry law! PLEASE watch your posture, watch the way you walk, the way you talk, the clothes you wear (that means hoodies, too), don’t wear baseball caps or winter jackets that have sports logos on them since they can be taken as gang symbols, and PLEASE keep your hands in plain view at all times! We’re going to have THOUSANDS of trigger-happy people ready to squeeze off a few rounds at anyone they perceive to be “suspicious”.

Permit or no permit…A person with a gun is dangerous. There is NO WAY EVER, that ANYONE will EVER convince me otherwise. If you have a gun, you’re a public safety threat and a threat to me and my family, and we have a right to not be around you or have you in our communities.

Concealed carry folks and those with FOID card who are not law enforcement officers are not simply trying to protect themselves, they are planning out who they will use that gun on and how they can beat the rap in court. THAT is the TRUTH! Concealed carry and the ability to even possess a weapon is nothing more than a violent person using a gun to enforce culture privilege, financial status privilege, and race privilege.

Again, people with guns are not wanted in our neighborhoods.

Brian Keith Read Gun worshippers will never accept the truth but the truth is that for guns equals more shooting equals more killing, as study after study has verified.

David Udchik Sr. Get ready courts…….people will be getting shot for who knows what. The courts will be filled for years to come.





11 thoughts on “Bigots and idiots self-identify on Facebook”
  1. Read some of Dan Hensley’s other comments over there. Mr. Hensley need professional help.

  2. That same tired crap has been repeated since Florida’s law in 1987 and as each state has followed suit their hysterical predictions have never come true. With Illinois finally on board the pinheads are fresh out of states to “warn”.

  3. Hey Brian Keith Reed is one thing to quote the studies but another to say “many studies”. Show me one.

  4. What gated community and security detail do these over-educated idiots have ? Maybe you should throw and bag of skittles and cough syrup at them…

  5. Yes, they do have a right to not be around us or have us in their communities. All they have to do is move to Cuba, China, North Korea, etc…………….
    I guess they are not too concerned about the thugs running around in their communities.

  6. I’ve been around for a lot of years now. My daddy told me one thing I’ve found to be true in my years as well.

    In short: You can’t fix stupid.

    I wonder what it’s like to pee yourself because you’re scared.

    I’d just about wager that Dan knows that feeling.

    Personally, I’ve never come close to it myself.

    But then again, I own guns.

    And I’m willing to use them.


  7. Wow !!!, what sick in the head idiots we have running loose !!!. I do agree with Dan Hensley, he and his family do have a right to not be around us gun people so I invite him to stay in his house at all times or move to a gun free paradise like N. Korea. Be safe my brothers and sisters in arms, there are some real wacko’s out there.

  8. “…as study after study has verified.”

    What? The “study” of his navel? That guy is a piece of work!

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