Ignatius Piazza, the bloviating head of the Front Sight shooting academy in the middle of nowhere Nevada, loves to send out marketing materials to the members of Front Sight.


Sometimes twice a day.

In them, he gleefully shares his thoughts and opinions on a wide range of gun-related topics.

In one of his recent missives, he takes apart a video of a Kentucky state representative who had a negligent discharge in her office.

Some parts he’s right on:  Guns don’t fire by accident, for instance.  Or that negligent discharges just “happen”.

Other parts, such as his unloading regime, seem a little over the top.  Just like Ignatius Piazza.


…[H]ere is a video that once again demonstrates how our lawmakers are really in no position to make laws regarding the safe and responsible use of firearms when they cannot even unload a gun properly.

Watch this video and then see my comments below it…


1. Guns do not fire by “accident.” They only fire when you press the trigger on a loaded chamber.



2. This lawmaker did NOT follow the unloading procedure “as she was trained to do.” If she did, she needs a new trainer. The proper method of unloading a semi-automatic handgun is to FIRST chamber check the weapon to determine the status of the chamber. THEN remove the magazine, THEN pull the slide back to eject the round in the chamber. FINALLY, perform another chamber check and magazine well check to confirm the chamber and magazine well are EMPTY. Very simple. Very easy. Just follow the proper steps IN THEIR PROPER ORDER.

Eh?  Where did YOU go to school to become a trainer, Mr. Piazza?

How about simply remove a magazine if there’s one in the gun, then pull the slide back to slide lock and visually and, as necessary, physically inspect the chamber for empty.  Then leave the action open?

To quote our friend who forwarded us Piazza’s email:   “I think he’s just being pedantic.”

5. Her statement, “I am a gun owner… it happens.” is not only ridiculous, it negatively portrays all gun owners as having her lack of training and lack of intelligence. Negligent discharges do not just “happen.” They are caused by lack of proper training, or failing to follow proper procedures after receiving proper training.


I left the rest of Piazza’s remarks to give you a hint of Piazza’s limitless ego.

6. Her handgun is not defective.

7. Her handgun is not an “automatic.” It is a semi-automatic. There is a big difference between an automatic handgun and a semi-automatic handgun. If she is a lawmaker, who carries a gun, she should use the proper terminology.

8. She does not need a revolver.

9. She needs to follow the proper unloading procedure, in the proper order, EVERY TIME she unloads her weapon.

10. She could use Front Sight’s training. I often give free courses and free lifetime memberships to citizens who do remarkable things that either help us spread the truth about guns or expose the gun grabbers for what they really are… Liars, Whores and Thieves! In this situation, this lawmaker did all gun owners a disservice by totally screwing up a simple unloading procedure and then trying to blame the problem on the gun… making it look like guns are inherently unsafe or too complicated to use safely. So she does not deserve a free course or lifetime membership. Rewarding her for what she did would be a slap in the face to all the citizens we have rewarded in the past for their good deeds and great work.

11. The other aspect of this video that seems so disingenuous to me is that she cites her “Second Amendment Rights” as reason why she should still be able to carry a gun in the legislative building she occupies after having a negligent discharge, yet she belongs to the political party best known for their relentless efforts to disarm all responsible US citizens. Is she one of those rare, “pro-gun” Democrats who fights (and votes) for our rights or is she just another liar, whore and thief who thinks she is better than we are and as a lawmaker, it is her right to be armed, but she regularly votes to disarm you?

If any of our subscribers who are Kentucky residents can find lawmaker Combs’ voting record on gun issues and she is in fact regularly voting to protect and preserve our Second Amendment rights, then she is doing something of great value to ensure our freedom. Send me her voting record. I will contact her and provide her with the training she needs to be a safe, responsible, and expertly trained gun owner, just like all of our Front Sight students and members.

Please forward this e-mail, to everyone you know and encourage them to do the same. Spread the truth about WHY every responsible citizen needs to be armed and trained!

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  1. Front Sight’s training sucks. They have a great facility, but what they teach is lame and will get someone killed. Don’t waste your time or money going to Front Sight.

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