If you were wondering in which direction Governor Pat Quinn wants to take Illinois, look no further.

Rich Miller over at Capitol Fax reports this morning that Illinois Governor Pat Quinn has hired the new New York Mayor Bill de Blasio’s campaign manager to serve as Quinn’s chief strategist.

About de Blasio:

de Blasio has been charitably described by some as a hardcore liberal and he’s been implementing a hard-left liberal agenda in New York City since his election.  Even the mainstream media has noticed.  Others have flat out called him a communist.

Did you know that de Blasio wasn’t the name he was born with?  Like Barry Sotero, William de Blasio was born Warren Wilhelm Jr.  He had daddy issues and eventually took his nickname, “Bill” for his first name and his mother’s maiden name as his last name.

In the 1980s, he supported the Sandinista communists in Nicaragua during the 1980s, including raising money for them in New York State.

He’s got lots of communist pals, too.  A muslim member of his transition team received an award from a communist group.

In short, like Barack Hussein Obama, Bill de Blasio surrounds himself with ideological clones.


Bill Hyers is one of those people.

Bill Hyers was de Blasio’s campaign manager, and now he’s the chief strategist for Pat Quinn’s gubernatorial campaign.  Quinn faces the former head of CeaseFire Illinois, the domestic abuser Tio Hardiman in the March 18th primary, but that’s no competition.

The real race will be in November.

And with the hiring of Hyers, Quinn’s signaled in big, bold letters that he’s heading left – hard-left – in his campaign.

Lynn Sweet of the Sun-Times wrote:

Quinn, who buys his suits at Men’s Wearhouse on State Street, told me his campaign will be steered by Bill Hyers, who won rave reviews for taking de Blasio’s longshot bid to victory in a big-city contest with intense media scrutiny — a nice practice run for Illinois.