Wendy Davis, darling of the far-left wing of the Democrat Party in Texas, has in recent days – as her campaign for governor crumbled around her thanks to her discredited lies – discovered her new-found interest in supporting Texans’ right to open carry.

Yeah, we chuckled too.

We were amused – and then bemused – at her sudden change of heart on guns.  After all, she is an NRA F-rated candidate and you have to work to earn that failing grade from the NRA.

Unfortunately for poor Wendy, her crass pandering…

yes, pandering:




noun Also, pan·der·er.


a person who furnishes clients for a prostitute or supplies persons for illicit sexual intercourse; procurer; pimp.

a person who caters to or profits from the weaknesses or vices of others.

a go-between in amorous intrigues.

verb (used without object)


to act as a pander; cater basely: to pander to the vile tastes of vulgar persons.

Wendy’s pandering to Texans who love their guns (which is basically everyone in Texas sans the moonbats, communists and a few heathens – and some “all of the aboves”) has alienated many in Texas’ Democratic Party.

So, Wendy clarified her position from last week with a little “but” via an interview for a San Antonio news outlet:

“My position on open carry reflects my respect for both of those principles, and I believe that municipalities, school districts, hospitals, private property owners should be the ones that ultimately have a say as to whether this is right for them and their facilities,” she said.

Running that through the universal translator:  She respects your right to keep and bear arms, except in cities, at schools, and hospitals (nothing bad every happens at hospitals, right?) and about anywhere else.

Gee, thanks Wendy.  No wonder you’ve got an F-rating from the NRA.

She should have considered a career in porn.  That way she could still use those highly-refined pandering skills and wouldn’t have to lie to anyone except her on-screen partners.

Davis seems as though she’s just another Democrat who thinks they can mouth support for our civil rights while acting in direct opposition to our freedom and liberty.

Kinda like that guy occupying the White House with his regime, making up the rules as he goes along.

2 thoughts on “Wendy Davis: Back-pedalling from her new-found love of guns”
  1. Another democrap talking out of both sides of same mouth. You can tell their lying their lip gloss is moving.

  2. If it weren’t for Hillary, I have to wonder if Wendy would have run for the White House instead.


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