America’s favorite rifle is America’s favorite rifle.

Anti-gun politicians, including New York State’s Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo, think they can wave a magic wand and the marketplace will respect their arbitrary and capricious edicts without adapting?

These gun haters are about as smart as a gun.

Or a hammer.

Or a club.

Introducing the New York “SAFE Act”-legal AR-15.

It’s got anti-gunners seething with anger.

Clash Daily has the story:

HISSY FIT: The New AR-15 Design is Compliant with “SAFE Act” and Has Gun Control Activists Pouting

(Clash Daily) – Prototypes for the newly designed AR-15 are hitting gun shops across New York, as gun shops and machinists have designed a rifle that complies with the anti-gun law. At least one gun shop has received a letter from state police saying that the new AR-15 style rifles should be legal in the state as long as they don’t have some of the features that the law prohibits.

…The new AR-15 design did away with the pistol grip which gives the gun an odd paintball gun look.  The stock is fixed as well, but at least New Yorkers now have a legal way to own an AR-15, a fact which is still driving some gun control activists mad.

In a story about this at the National Review, Charles C. W. Cooke writes:

Reading this story, one would almost conclude that legislation that deals only with the superficial and the irrelevant is inherently silly. Curious.

Fewer people are killed with all rifles each year (323 in 2011) than with shotguns (356), hammers and clubs (496), and hands and feet (728).


Instead of dealing with the real problems of crime in New York State (brought on mainly through strict gun laws in the state’s most populous counties which make it a safe working environment for bad guys), the NY State’s Assembly deals with the superfluous and superficial.


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  1. I just love it when gun-haters get blindsided by the patriotic entremponeers! Let’s hope their heads explode! haha!!

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