Why are anti-gun activists so violent?

Could it be the manifestation of psychological projection in their fears of gun owners?

In any event, the at-times violent, anti-gun activist and jailed Massachusetts State Representative Carlos Henriquez was expelled from the Massachusetts House today by a 146-5 vote.

His transgression?

He beat the daylights out of a then-girlfriend for refusing to have sex with him.

Nice guy, huh?  Just the type of guy you would like your daughter to date and marry, right?

And guess who was arguing to keep him in office?

The anti-gun NAACP.

How shameful and disgusting.


6 thoughts on “Anti-gun Mass. state representative expelled today”
    1. Their election is based on back room deals forged by the few, in the name of many, and then billed as compromise and diversity.

      Both parties and their lobbyists engage in doing so, without a doubt. And once the formality of elections are over, why, the whole thing together is presented as, Wait for it, bipartisanship.

  1. What is even more outstanding and head scratching is 5 supported him. If anyone from MA reads this, please go send a strong message to your representatives:

    Gloria L. Fox of Roxbury,
    Russell Holmes of Mattapan
    Denise Provost of Somerville
    Carl Sciortino of Medford
    Benjamin Swan of Springfield.

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