One nice thing the ISRA does is publish an update every Thursday.

This week, they included an “Executive Director’s Message”.

In a word: bravo.

Pearson writes about the dead actor Phillip Seymour Hoffman, writing that he was hardly a role model.  We agree, unless you aspire to be a spoiled, selfish, drug-addled “guy” who can’t – despite great privilege – hold things together.

If you want to mourn the loss of a great life, how about Tyler Doohan…

Don’t recognize the name?

He hasn’t gotten near the ink Hoffman’s death has received, even though he was a hundred times the man at all of eight years of age that Hoffman ever was.

Doohan was the courageous eight-year-old boy who  rescued six relatives from a house fire,  but died while trying to save his disabled grandfather from the burning trailer.

Here’s a kid who made multiple trips into a burning structure to rescue innocents, and he perished on his last trip inside.  Unlike the drug addict Hoffman, who died with a needle in his arm, this boy was a real role model and genuine hero.



ISRA Thursday Bulletin – February 6

The death of actor Phillip Seymour Hoffman, who died Sunday with a syringe full heroine stuck in his arm, is being lamented by many, but not by me. Hoffman narrated an antigun cartoon which demonizes gun ownership along with actress Julianne Moore and of course, it was financed by MAIG. The media is falling all over themselves saying what a wonderful guy he was, what a wonderful actor he was, and on and on. I disagree. People like Hoffman are part of the drug culture that is destroying our young people and tearing the fabric of this county apart.

As far as I am concerned, he played his last and greatest role-that of a bad example. Hopefully he willed his “stash” to some of his drug addicted antigun buddies in the entertainment “industry”.

In the meantime, Gabby Gifford and her hubby, Mark Kelly, are trooping around raising money for ‘Americans for Responsible Solutions’ (this is an antigun front group that is related to an antigun Super-PAC) whose goal is to attack pro-gun politicians. Thus far, they have raised approximately 18 million dollars-you can bet some of that money is earmarked for Illinois. In addition, I believe we are going to see all kinds of laws and ordinances being introduced at the local and state level, which are unconstitutional, yet will still be passed in some jurisdictions by those who are aware of their unconstitutionality. The purpose of these two strategies is to drain our financial resources and energy to overcome law abiding gun owners. Anyone who thinks the battle for Second Amendment rights are over in Illinois and throughout the United States is sadly mistaken. The greatest battles are still ahead of us.

Spring is just around the corner (even though that is hard to grasp at this time). Now is the perfect time to plan your shooting activities for the rest of the year. One of those activities should be to take a trip to Indianapolis on April 24th-27th to attend the NRA Annual Meeting. If you’ve never attended, you should know that it is well organized and very interesting. The ISRA is again to have a booth on the show floor.

IGOLD is on Wednesday, March 5, 2014. Plan to be there.  Reservations are now being taken on-line or over the phone for the charter buses headed to Springfield. Visit  the IGOLD page at for the latest info!

Thank you for being a member.

Richard Pearson
ISRA Executive Director


Well said, Rich.

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  1. Jon, I remember reading about Tyler Doohan, We lost something special that day.

    Meanwhile the low information Americans praise and uplift self admitted drug users like Hoffman and Obama.

    What happened to this nation?
    Where did we go wrong?

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