Good guys with a gun are the only thing that stops bad guys with evil in their hearts.

That was the case Wednesday, February 5th in Perry, Florida, as a disgruntled employee for Timberland Ford crashed his truck through a display window and came out blazing with a semi-auto shotgun.

The violent attacker (scumbag’s name redacted) was shot dead right there by a sheriff’s deputy getting his squad car serviced less than sixty seconds after the incident began.

It was nothing more than a random act of violence, and in this case, a good guy with a gun was there to truncate the bad guy and his evil intentions.

We have no doubt the perverse irony that Moms Demand Action (Go to a singles bar, girls), the Coalition Against Gun Violence, the Violence “Policy” Center and all the rest of the paid shills for gun control will tout the would-be spree killer’s death as a “workplace violence” fatality.

If only the dealership had sported “No Guns” stickers, we’re sure the crazed lunatic would have not brought his gun onto the property, right?

Bob Owens at Bearing Arms wrote:

Details are still rather sketchy, but it appears that the events took place very quickly, with a Florida Department of Law enforcement spokesperson providing the following preliminary timeline:

10:28:31 Deputy Lundy radioed shots were fired.
10:29:17 Deputy Lundy announced he had been shot.
10:29:24 In less than one minute after Deputy Lundy’s announcement of shots fired, officers arrived on scene.
11:10 Deputy Lundy went into surgery.
4:00 p.m. Deputy Lundy was in stable, but critical condition.

The shooting timeline culled from police radio reports suggest that the shooting was over in much less than 60 seconds, with the suspect dead, the deputy critically injured, and with two others experiencing gunshot wounds. Three others were treated for non-gunshot wounds, presumably during a mad scramble to escape the dealership, which normally has 10-20 people on site at that time of day.


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