Walmart prohibits on-duty employees and vendors in their stores from carrying weapons as a matter of corporate policy in all fifty states.

With Illinois poised to join 49 other states with law-abiding, licensed good guys carrying firearms on their person, Wal-Mart’s corporate people have caused all sorts of consternation among gun owners in Illinois with the posting of new signs in all Illinois stores, reiterating this corporate policy.


The sign looks similar to the official sign that the Illinois State Police has directed to be posted for businesses wishing to ban carry in their buildings:

This similarity has quite a few people crying “foul!”

Does the new Wal-Mart signage prohibit carry for everyone, or just those to whom it addresses?  That’s the $1.98 question.

From the Illinois State Police’s Frequently Asked Questions page:


Where can business owners or property owners obtain information about required signage?

The 4 inch by 6 inch sign is available for download at The Illinois State Police has adopted administrative rules permitting the design and posting of a larger sign (of any size) if the property owner feels the entrance to their building, premises or real property requires one. The 4 inch by 6 inch sign must be visible somewhere on the larger sign. The administrative rules proposed by the Illinois State Police also permit the larger sign to include additional language. The administrative rules have been filed with the Illinois Secretary of State pursuant to the Illinois Administrative Procedure Act and will be published in the January 17th Illinois Register.

What if a business owner or employer wants to prohibit their employees from carrying in the workplace, can they have more restrictive employment policies? And, if they do so, should they post the required sign?

This is an employment law question. The Illinois State Police cannot give legal advice to employers; however, the law is not written to preempt a private employer’s right to have more restrictive employment policies. If a business owner or employer wants to prohibit only employees, they should not post the required sign as doing so makes the location a prohibited place. Rather, this should be addressed through appropriate employment policies.

Does the Wal-Mart sign offer a blanket prohibition on carry in their stores?

We’re not sure.  Even our lawyers are offering differing opinions.

We do know that when we travel to states outside of Illinois such as Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, George, Texas, Alabama and Florida, we don’t see signs announcing “No Guns” to on-duty Wal-Mart employees and vendors doing business there. 

Why is Illinois any different?

We believe law-abiding gun owners will error on the side of caution and not return to Wal-Mart stores until and unless the signs come down.

We’re urging all gun owners to contact Wal-Mart’s corporate offices and encourage them to ditch the new signs adorning their stores.

The district manager for at least part of Central Illinois is Kevin Haney.  His number is 217 352-8142.

Be polite and ask him to ask his supervisors to take down these signs to avoid confusion as to the legal scope of the signs.  Let them know you’ll be back once the signs come down.

His assistant Beverly is very nice, so be on your best behavior!  Reminder:  It’s not Kevin’s decision to make, but he can forward our wishes to his boss who can forward it to the big dogs of Wally World in Arkansas.

16 thoughts on “Wal-Mart’s “NO GUNS” Signage: Ask them to remove those signs”
  1. Employment policies are to be posted in the Employment handbook.
    Do you see any sign stating, “No drinking alcohol or drug abuse while on job”, anywhere? somebody at Wal-Mart needs to get an education in administration and common labor law. Don’t they have a written agreement with their vendors? From a business perspective this is all totally lame.

    1. Yes, the company I work for has signs about drugs and alcohol on all entrances. for employees and visitors.

  2. I called and relayed the message you suggested. The woman was nice and said she was familiar with GSL’s roadside signs.

    I’m glad you guys finally covered this. I saw these signs this weekend and wondered how long it would be before GSL was on the case.

  3. Can they really exclude a subset of the Illinois population from carrying concealed?

    What’s to stop a business from saying that women can’t carry concealed? … or Catholics – or American Indians?

  4. Another reason to NEVER set foot in Walmart. Running American company’s out of business or forcing them to work out of China. When Sam Walton ran the place it was proud to post “Made in America” signs all over. Now, with the “kids”, it’s all about money!!

  5. I called Tuesday morning and Beverly said that they were working on the issue with corporate. She said emails were sent to corporate as soon as this was brought to their attention and expected the problem to be resolved to our satisfaction very soon.

  6. Boycott Wal-Mart and let them know you are boycotting them over their anti-gun policy until they change!

  7. I don’t live in IL, but I will live without Wal-Mart until I learn they are no longer violating anyone’s Civil Liberties (aka, the 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution).
    I will encourage many thousands of others to do the same on the Forums I belong to.
    Only a Complete idiot would walk ‘willingly’ into a “GUN-FREE-ZONE”.

  8. Good news! I just called and Beverly informed me that the signs are being taken down, based on a directive from corporate! I thanked her for her help…

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