Honest Abe Lincoln once was famously quoted as saying, “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt.”

in the past couple of days, we’ve seen a pair of stories about low-information legislators that boggle the mind.

Let’s start with our neighbors in Missouri.

Low-information legislator of the year candidate from Missouri, Democrat State Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal with her bedtime reading material.

Democrat State Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal from Jefferson City, Missouri introduced a new bill, Senate Bill 549, that would require parents to register their guns with their schools when they enroll their children.  Parents would face a $100 fine for failing to register each gun and would be required to notify the school of additional gun purchases.  The bill would also require these same families to lock up their safety, charging parents with a misdemeanor for failing to do so and a felony if the unsecured firearm is later misused to kill someone.  The simple senator said she was trying to stop school violence and crimes like carjacking.

The low-information voters who elected this woman must be some real rocket scientists, without a doubt.

Amazingly, Chappelle-Nadal touted her support of the Second Amendment to local media outlets.  Then again, Barack Obama says the same thing.


Not to be outdone, Mississippi’s Democrat low-information Representative Omeria Scott (District 80) introduced her plan to tackle criminal violence:  House Bill 231.  Her proposal would establish a public registry of every ammunition purchaser in that state to include their name, address, driver’s license or social security number and shall be readily accessible to the public.

Omeria Scott. The best and the brightest from Mississippi’s District 80?
6 thoughts on “Low-information legislators plumbing the depths foolishness”
  1. Why not require the same of those who get public assistance? Seems to me that it may curtail some of the negative effects of the war on poverty which, in my opinion, has more effect on violent behavior than do ammunition.

  2. Drug testing for public “assistance” would be a better start.

    If you have money for drugs, you don’t need welfare.


  3. Jon i think you nailed it but the twist would be to test the legislators.

    These clowns need to be tested, theyre obviously on drugs or insane.

  4. I nominate these two for Mars space exploration program run by HHS. When they get back Osamacare will probably be working.

  5. Ahhhh! This is the normality in Italy. We must register every gun and ammunition (72 hours after purchaise max). Max handgun cartridge is 200, at 201 ……Jail! Police could knock at your door every moment and ask to check evritihing. But of cours Italy is a paradise…..no criminals, no mafia, no camorra….:)

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