by John Boch

Guns Save Life has been online in our current blog form for about fifteen months now and we continue to grow.

Personally, I’ve always worked hard to grow and improve.

One of my favorite strategies is to identify someone doing things well and then work to do better than that.

In this case, my role model for GSL getting online was our sister gun rights group, the internet-based has been around for about eight or nine years now.  They’ve got themselves an Illinois-centric forum along with a blog and other aspects of their website.

All in all, they run a pretty good operation over there and have had steady growth in both traffic and number of registered “members”.   In the past five years, their members (who are also often overlapping members of more traditional gun rights groups like the NRA, ISRA, GSL, SCRA, and others) have done quite a bit of grunt work with the Illinois Gun Owners Lobby Day.

To their credit, many of these same people have also organized a series of community meetings promoting right-to-carry throughout the state, including in the heart of gun haters, Chicagoland.

Illinois Carry’s spokesman Valinda Rowe is a charismatic speaker and has won awards with her tireless activism for gun rights.

There are a lot of good people there and if forum participation is your thing, then I’d recommend heading over and signing up.

Anyway, as I mentioned, my goal when GSL started blogging a little over a year ago was for us to grow to where we had more traffic than our sister-group, Illinois Carry.  They were (and continue) to do things well.  My goal though was to someday surpass in terms of traffic.

To do this, we’ve had to elbow our way into a crowded field of gun rights groups on the web, along with the large number of gun blogs.

As they say over at The Truth About Guns, good content leads to good traffic.

Well, traffic has been good.  We’ve eclipsed a lot of gun blogs that I’ve always looked up to as role-models in the world of blogging.

As for achieving my goal?  That day has come as well.

From Alexa:



Then again, we’ve had a pretty good 2014 already.

(As of midday January 2014).

So, congratulations to our contributors and thank you to our guests.

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5 thoughts on “We’re growing…”
  1. Nice job John.

    I think lots of us see how much energy and passion you put into promoting gun rights and we’re glad you’re on our side. Thanks for being such a good voice for our rights.

    Glad to hear you seem to be warming up towards Illinois Carry.

    Hopefully they’ll reciprocate.

    We all need to work together, not snipe back and forth.


  2. THis is good news hopefully some day we will be able to restore our lost rights in Illinois.

    I remember when we could buy guns through the mail, NO background checks, FOID cards or 44473 forms. Illinois was a lot nicer place to live back 50 yrs ago.

    Go to the ISRA web page and read the article on gun stores of chicago and the comments of Richard Pearson. Chicago once had a strong proud 2A culture with over 200 gun shops/stores. Many of those stores sold guns through the mail.

    You know Jon the really sad part of the current Illinois gun culture is that people do not understand what they have lost.

  3. Congrats, guys. I know you all, especially John, work hard on this.

    You’ve done well and deserve good things for it.

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