Dick Metcalf: Unemployed. Until his next formal job offer comes from an anti-gun group.


“The hijacking of our movement by these radical extremists causes me to fear for the future of the right I have spent my adult life fighting to defend . . . When we engage in noisy, extremist rhetoric rejecting all firearms regulation whatsoever, or refuse to acknowledge the plain fact that constitutionally validated regulations and statutes already exist, we risk alienating the American mainstream. And if we lose that mainstream, we will lose this war.” Dick Metcalf, Target: Me [via politico.com]

Go ahead and read the whole thing.  Have anti-nausea medication close by though.

You know, with so-called “friends” like Dick Metcalf, who needs Gabby Giffords and Mothers Demand “Action”?  (Hint: go to a singles bar, girls!)

Who needs the Brady Campaign when you’ve got Dick Metcalf on your side?

For the record, Dick isn’t a member of Guns Save Life, and given that he probably considers us “radical extremists”, we don’t expect to find himself in our family anytime soon.  At least a couple of his family members are members though, but we promise not to say exactly who, lest family dinner at Easter get any more tense that it surely will already be.

As a personal aside, I commented over at Capitol Fax Blog back in November whe this first happened:

“Good riddance to Mr. Metcalf. He might be better off looking for work alongside Gabby Giffords after his ill-considered missive.”

It looks as though Dick is burnishing his resume for a position with a Soros-funded front-group looking to take away our rights, and I’ll tell you why:  Between this article and one in the New York Times last week (sorry, won’t drive traffic there) lamenting his fall from grace, he sounds like he’s gone over to the dark side where they like to promote recreation of past tyrannies.

Well, good riddance Dick.

Extremism in the pursuit of liberty is no vice, Dick, you dolt.

Can anyone confirm that he’s still the president of the PASA Park range facility in Barry, IL?

4 thoughts on “With “friends” like Dick Metcalf, who needs Gabby Giffords and Moms Demanding “Action””
  1. Pissy pants metcalf should buy some extra strength Depends. For decades he was okay taking the gun enthusiasts’ money. Now he calls us extremists. What a scoundrel.

  2. Nice job John.

    I think lots of us see how much energy and passion you put into promoting gun rights and we’re glad you’re on our side. Thanks for being such a good voice for our rights.

    Glad to hear you seem to be warming up towards Illinois Carry.

    Hopefully they’ll reciprocate.

    We all need to work together, not snipe back and forth.


    1. Oops. I thought I was on a different article… Let me try again.

      And by the way, while I’m here, F Dick Metcalf.

  3. As they’re called on Afrcom, Fudds. They’re worse than anti-gunners since it’s easy to confuse them with friends. Right up until they sell you down the river, happy to keep their $5000 shotguns and watch your rights being taken away.

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