CalGuns is reporting that Ruger is about to abandon the California market for semi-autos thanks to that state’s insane gun control laws.  (Gun laws that people like Dick Metcalf would screech as “reasonable”).

(CalGuns) – Ruger is going to stop selling semiautomatic pistols in California:

In perhaps one of the more shocking discoveries at the 2014 SHOT Show, Ruger spokesperson Kevin Reid revealed that Ruger was going to let it’s entire California Semiautomatic pistol roster “…drop off…” the CA Department of Justice Approved Handgun List.

It seems that in Ruger’s slavish dedication to the concept of “continuous improvement”, and that California is milking some $ 500 per pistol per year to stay on the list AND that microstamping is now the rule, Ruger has already let some 60+ semiautomatic pistols drop off the approved handgun roster with the rest shortly to follow.

Our non-Dick Metcalf view is that all handgun manufacturers and sellers should immediately cease selling and servicing any firearms used by law enforcement in California.





10 thoughts on “SHOT Show news: Ruger to abandon California market for semi-autos”
    1. Philo,

      Why not ask Massad Ayoob? He has said before that his department issues and he carries a Ruger P series handgun on duty. Ruger has always made good quality firearms that work and keep working. I have experienced very few if any issues with Ruger firearms.

    2. I like Ruger Firearms – other than LCR revolvers, most students have a bear of a time shooting them well – just to my knowledge they were never issues by police departments in great quantity

    3. I groan when students show up with an LCR or an LCP. To make matters worse they are usually people that have no experience with handguns.

  1. It may be temporary. There is growing interest in splitting California in to several states and abandoning the Welfare/Police State to the big coastal cities. At present, most of the state lacks any representation because of political domination by the masses of systems dependent sissies in the big cities.

  2. @JS & Philo– Sirs: What are a couple of pistols that each of you prefer to see show up at the range?

  3. To clear the air, only Californians think of the San Francisco area as being “northern California”. To the rest of the World, especially Oregon and the Northwest, the Bay area and Sacramento are all Southern California. Starting with Mendocino County and going North is considered by the latter to be properly Northern California. A 51st State of Jefferson was proposed in 1941 to consist of Northern Cal and Southern Oregon. Please see for the full story.

  4. Ban CA…? Ruger cut and run out of CA; the payback will end up costing them big. If they had balls, they would not leave Ca when we need them. When they need us… F them.

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