Second City Cop wrote a very timely blog post about a Daily Herald story that made some pretty bold claims.

Those include 90% of defendants made their court dates (MORE than under the old bail system).  They also claimed that 89% didn’t get arrested again, and among those who did, only 4% committed violent offenses.

If you think that sounds like complete fairy-tale make-believe used cow food, you’re not along.

From SCC:

This article appeared a few days ago:

  • About seven months after Illinois ended cash bail as a key provision of the much-debated SAFE-T Act, fears that it would lead to a surge in freed criminal suspects committing more offenses or skipping court so far haven’t materialized, at least in Cook County.

    […] According to the latest data — which spans from the end of cash bail on Sept. 18, 2023, through April 13 — 30,012 defendants have been granted pretrial release in Cook County, while 1,970 have been detained.

    Of those released, 26,930 of them — about 90% — have appeared in court as required, including 88% of felony defendants. That’s an improvement from three years ago, when about 80.4% of those charged with felonies and released on bond attended their scheduled court hearings, according to a report from the Civic Federation.

    The data shows that among defendants released while awaiting trial, 89% of them have not incurred additional charges. Among the 11% who had, 4% of them were violent offenses. That’s again an improvement over 2021, when 18.2% faced new charges, according to the Civic Federation report.

But then we read stuff like this on CWB:

  • A man on parole for two gun cases faces three counts of attempted murder after he allegedly opened fire on another car during a road rage altercation near the Loop on Friday morning. Prosecutors say young children were in Steven Moore’s car and the victims’ car at the time of the shooting.

In fact, you can read – on average – around a story per week about someone on bail committing another violent crime. CWB even kept a running count on their stories last year….not sure if they’re still doing it.

Additionally, you cannot (and should not) trust any stories in the media citing statistics. We wrote just a few days ago how New York, LA and Chicago (among others) haven’t reported any crime states to the feebs in over a year, so nothing is accurate.

As we’ve said in the past, who are you going to believe? The media? Or your goddamn lying eyes?

2 thoughts on “How’s “Cashless Bail” going? Who are you going to believe? The mainstream media liars or your own lyin’ eyes?”
  1. Most common folk agree: “From the river (Mississippi) to the lake (Michigan) villains don’t deserve a break.”

  2. The lamestream media is just propaganda anymore. The reporting of truthful news went away a long time ago.

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