We’ve all sees the stories of bad guys getting released under the SAFE-T Act, otherwise known as “No Cash Bail.”  Examples include a pair of guys trying to lure young teens into their van, armed robbers and carjackers, those possessing machine guns, and even those accused of murder.

What most folks don’t consider is what happens if you fall into that dragnet in the aftermath of a defensive use of force.

Take for example the GSL member who was attacked by a drunken lunatic (with a Neo-Nazi tattoo on this chest?) who lives a few doors down the street.  The attack happened after 11pm at night in the front yard of our member’s residence.  During the course of the attack, Mr. Nazi Tattoo stabbed our guy 19 times before police arrived.

Thanks to previous martial arts training, our guy managed to subdue his attacker.

Then Normal PD arrived and stabilized the situation.

Our guy, having just been attacked by a drunken lunatic in his own front yard – and stabbed 19 times! – talked with police.

Not long after, Normal PD’s top cops slapped a pair of handcuffs on our member.

Imagine if that happened post-SAFE-T Act?  What if a judge ruled that our member would remain in jail until trial, citing the potential “danger” to Mr. Tattoo down the street.

As it was, a special prosecutor had to be appointed and it took six months for the charges to be dropped.  Sure, the judge apologized to our member for “the system” failing to work initially.  But it still took months to get his FOID and CCW back.

But if our member had been jailed that entire time, unable to care for his kids, and earn money for the family?  That would have been REALLY bad.

You face that risk if you are arrested following a defensive use of force.

Just keep that in mind.

It’s just another reason you should carry some sort of self-defense legal coverage policy.  I don’t care who you carry it with, just have some.  Because really good criminal defense attorneys are $300 an hour or more.

Really good criminal defense attorneys that specialize in self-defense cases are more like $600 an hour plus.

NOBODY wakes up on any given morning and thinks to themselves, “Hey, this is a great day to have to shoot someone to defend my life.”

That doesn’t mean you won’t have to fight for your life someday.  Don’t let the legal system violate you after the criminal attempts to take your life.

4 thoughts on “FOREWARNED IS FOREARMED: SAFE-T Act, Self-Defense and YOU”
  1. STFU to the police! Don’t talk to the cops even if attacked on your own property.

  2. Make sure to have at least $5000 cash easily accessible if you don’t think you need self-defense insurance. Because, defense lawyers get paid upfront. The rates are, as stated above between $300-$500 per hour. My case was a little over $20,000 when all said and done. Not including my FOID card.

    Don’t expect to defend yourself at any of the hearings or court proceedings, I never got to speak once nor did the Judges ever ask me to testify, ask any questions, or defend myself. However, the other person got to slander, accuse, threaten, scream, and say whatever they wanted, without proof, about me, the events (without evidence) and my family.
    The justice system I witnessed was a joke.
    When I showed up to my court cases dressed in a suit, the security people assumed I was a lawyer and if I were dishonest, could have snuck my cellphone into the courtroom, which is against the courts rules.
    My neighbors and I are still harassed by this “lunatic” weekly and have filed over 30 police reports with videos and testimony. Swerving his car at us, breaking the order of protection, assault (he waits for us to drive by and then verbally threatens and physically gestures at me and my family, terrorizing other neighbors, etc. But the DA, refuses to file charges.
    He’s gonna stab another person or child (I’m his second known stabbing victim/2016 a black ISU student was stabbed for having a white girlfriend, charges dropped) and either seriously hurt or kill them.
    This SAFE-T act protects the criminals.

  3. Echo what chad says.

    If you’re going to carry a weapon, make sure you have the insurance.

    I didn’t because, during the pandemic.I was on my own property in the middle of the woods where I was forced to defend myself.
    Against multiple attackers.

    Because they hid out in the woods they had time to coordinate their stories and then they lied to the police causing me to be charged.

    It was very expensive and all in all very unpleasant experience.

    You can at least avoid the financially crippling implications of self-defense if you have the insurance or the prepaid lawyer plan..

    I’m not recommending any one in particular but at least have something.

    N.b. except gsl1589…you can burn in Hell.

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