Area Ocho had a great post about how the American Left is organized and they’re learning tools and techniques to further their terrorist activities.

Take this video, for instance, and how the Left attempts to deny the obvious.  You really need to watch it as it gives you a quick and dirty framework about just HOW organized and trained these leftists really are.

I’ve seen the violent left in America’s flyover country.

Going onto someone’s private property to poke holes in their tires isn’t that far from going onto someone’s property to set their home ablaze.

9 thoughts on “The American Left continues to plan violent attacks on Police, Government Buildings, *Trump Supporters* and more…”
  1. “The Left” is nothing but parasitic filth working to destroy this country. Treat them accordingly every chance you get.

  2. I don’t need the facts because I already blindly support law enforcement. It doesn’t matter to me one iota that THEY are the ones enforcing laws against MY rights. Their job comes before my rights. PERIOD! I’ll just blame the DemoRATS in order to avoid self-reflection because that would reveal how I’ve been hoodwinked into thinking law enforcement was my friend. I have no patience for people who come on here complaining about state troopers harassing drivers on the interstate that have seen it for themselves while simultaneously admitting that I don’t even go on the interstates and thus not even having such knowledge. It’s easier for me, me, me to just Back the Blue and ignore the people who have actual experience with this than to listen to someone for once and realize they have a point. I’m stuck in my ways and do not welcome updated verifiable information. I’m too damn old to start questioning whether or not my life-long worldview has been in error. Back the BADGE!!!

    1. Is this YOU “kenny-boy” this IS NOT MY POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. I do not travel the interstates, can barely afford fuel to get groceries and mow the yard, so have no idea IF ISP are “harassing” any drivers on the interstate highways unless the drivers are speeding, reckless driving, or accident recap.
      I have yet to hear or read of ANY examples of “PICA ENFORCEMENT” on ANYONE, and I am sure that this irritating “ISP HATER”, “steve”, would have example after example of that very subject if it were so; therefore, I conclude that “steve” has NO proof of any examples and (s)he is just trying to spread his bull manure hatred.
      Is that YOU “stevie-boy” in above post with my “stolen identity”? You and “kenny-boy” trying to stirr manure, FU VERY MUCH!

    3. Hah!

      You sure know how to rile this old coot up!!

      Hey,gsl1589? If you’re really as broke as you profess to be, you should retract your defamation of me, because punitive damages can bankrupt you and ruin you.

    4. FU VERY MUCH , “kenny-boy” and kiss my well endowed rear end with wet sloppy ones, A$$ho, now you will NOT know who to “sue” because there are “more than one” GSL 1589, you ignorant narcissist quisling that has NO UNDERSTANDING of basic math and CANNOT “add fractions” like most 5th graders in years past. Are YOU still “playing doctor” with “your daughter Amy”, you perverted slime? prove me wrong, idiot!!! ACCORDING TO YOUR VERY OWN POSTS AS GLS 1589 (remember the GRIFTER LYING SCUM you posted as? “dr. ken”)

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